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FF7 - Soo about that KISS

..ahh, one ticket to YAOI Hell please...well @ least I won't be alone. @_@ I can't take all the credit for this one-shot manga. I was inspired by another artist:

Kudos to Deovi for inspiring such insanity! =D

oh well. ENJOY the silliness!! ^_~ characters (C) Squaresoft
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Cloud would say : funny work ! ^^
Organizationg13Gal's avatar
awwwww, poor Sephy, its only a one sided love.
MiTsubasa's avatar
One word that came to mind...Bondage squee! ^o^
waterdemon28's avatar
Draweroffantasy's avatar
I'm not a yaoi fan, but this is amusing :3
*laughs and pukes at the same time* that was funny as hell and yet sick as hell lol nice one though
Strifehart78's avatar
ahaha thats hilarious!!!
aw poor sephy!*secretly cheers for cloud*
Jexyss's avatar
hey! I've seen this before =O only with Squall and Seifer.
Jexyss's avatar
bah nvm...too lazy..and not sure if that link was supposedly goin' there
Sabi-kun's avatar
Oh man, I read that fic before!!!
KujaRiku7's avatar
Hmm yaoi fan huh? Say I own a fanclub on deviantART call ~gothicdragon752-fc It is mainly FF7 yaoi. Would you like to join?
Setsuna-Yagami's avatar
Oh, poor Sephiroth T^T ... he only want to demostrate your love !
Racud-chan27's avatar
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U NEED 2 MAKE MORE PICTURES LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
Ghworgie's avatar
:lol: so cute and funny! :heart:
detrega9's avatar
Ha ha, I have a fan fiction story with something similar to how Sephiroth looks at Cloud.... only it is reversed.. LOL funny with his random freedom.
Jhaxe's avatar
-resists fangirl squeal- Total Win x3
Lilith-kun's avatar
I love how old school your style is, yet at the same time still new and different! ;P
WatashinoSaru's avatar
Hahaha! That was so cute!
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