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DIZZIA, Gregory M. -PDF-


Comments are much appreciated

This is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.
It was extremely emotional to gather all of this information , and then assemble it. But I believe it has given me a better understanding of how I've gotten to where I am now.

This is the documentation of every intimate relationship I have ever had. The data spans 23 years.

This is my first shot at information design.

Total hours : round 80ish

Please take the time to download and view this, you may find it quite interesting.

The original is 32x24, so please zoom around the PDF to get the full effect.

As a note: I had considered removing the names before posting this, but decided it would not be proper of me to do so.

Notify me upon any use of this work.

Produced and designed with the help of my classmates and professor Phil Zelnar at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL
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Such an impressive one..You did it perfectly..
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Very impressive work. Got to share this
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I think what's impressive is how you're able to remember them all and the time. Then again, maybe if I try it myself, it's not that hard.
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This is absolutely brilliant! I feel like such a stalker bc I know pretty much your whole life now, lol. This is so interesting, I found myself really deep into it. What ever happened to Reem?
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Thanks for the compliments! That was kinda the purpose of the piece btw, the transparency of relationships... Kinda letting other people in to your personal space without letting them too far in. So Reem? I'll never tell :P
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Oh, no! I'm legitimately upset about this! :( It's like reading a really good book and then you realize that 5 pages are missing out of it. Bc according to the graph, she was one of the ones you liked the best... Grrr. :P
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I love it how the majority of relationships involve drunkenness. So good.
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I love this. Spent a solid 15 minutes going over the graph.

Personal favorite: The "hanging a carrot" cause for a breakup.
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I adore this! Interesting, nice design, and what a story it tells! Very nice work, I am impressed.
Forged from pure win, with a hammer of awesome, on the anvil of squee!
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haha, this is brilliant. makes me wanna go and chart my own history. is it wrong that i really LOL'd with the flower girl and her mom? and i don't know if you'd call it a "break-up" if all you had was a one-night-stand ;)

so what happened to reem -- she had everything! did you just decide to be friends?
Wow! That's fascinating! Probably the most interesting thing i've seen on the net for a while.
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Truly amazing !
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Whoaa. I saw this somewhere at Harrington today while I was taking a tour. Very nice.
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Wow, this is an excellent piece! Although, don't you think that future girls will look at this and... i dunno... know everything about you?
You say that like it's a bad thing?
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First: wow.
Second: I really, desperately, want to make a timeline of my life now. Perhaps I'll put it on here.

Wow. Just so interesting.
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wow talk about no censorship lol
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She must have been very important to you

and inspiring, asi I see


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interesting yeah
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Hmm, it may have been the hardest thing you have done, but my version would be a piece of cake: sorta a Suprematist white-on-white diagram ;P

Interesting idea certainly, but maybe a bit risky given that your are talking about potentially pissing off 20+ exes. :o
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wow not only is that time consuming but emotionally consuming. Did any of your exes give you feedback on this?
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