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Orobas is a great demon of wisdom and equilibrium, known for be a herald of the truth, Orobas tells valuable information about the remote past, about the present and about the tendency of its conjurer's future, the magickian must be ready to receive Orobas words with mental and spiritual strenght, as the answers may be not pleasant and any glimpse of weakness from the conjurer will be severely punished as Orobas holds contempt for everything that is not strong and worthy of its mighty presence.

Orobas has twenty legion of demons under its comands, Orobas will grant the worthy magickian familiar spirits to guide and help in his/her path to excellentce and balance. Orobas call itself child of Lucifer, known for this in the past as prince, being the mighty king Lucifer seen by other as Satan.

As a Luciferian spirit Orobas is a great initiator of those who seek guidance in the sinister path, its promethean nature makes Orobas a trustful entity who gives genuine advises.

While other Demons established their hierarchy becoming themselves great kings and thus governing entire spheres, Orobas has been since the beginning of time an infernal nomad, being its only purpose to lit the black flame widely.

Qabbalistically Orobas essence belongs to Nahemoth, which is one of the reasons for Orobas predilection for the human being. The best way to get in contact with Orobas is by the right election of the incense, along with five green and five blue candles, a branch of Aloe Vera, a bell and its sigil perfectly drawn golden on a black sheet.

The best time for contact Orobas is in the night at the hour of Jupiter.

Orobar's Incense:

6 Parts of Galbanum
2 Parts of Tobacco
2 Parts of Rue
The Infernal Tree of Qliphoth

The Infernal Tree of Qliphoth" by Dizmah


The great Dragon opens its eye and the 11 manifest through the 10.


Thaumiel: The great black hole, no light can escape its limitless force.


Oghiel: The anti-cosmic mist that hinders the demiurgic light.


Satariel: The deep darkness, the only light permited is that of the black flame.


Gha'agsheblah: The valley of desolation where nothing remains, no ego, no soul, no life.


Golachab: the raging fire that burns absolutely everything and turns it black.


Thagirion: The great black sun, its rays enlight all demons.


A'arab zaraq: The valley of death, the realm of the death bringer.


Samael: The room of the dark truth, the poison well.


Gamaliel: The realm of nightmares, the kingdom of the great queen.


Nahemoth: The joy and plasure of Satan, the black roots of the world.





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