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Jesup Colt by DixieRosa Jesup Colt :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 14 6 Nurse Pampy by DixieRosa
Mature content
Nurse Pampy :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 11 7
Pampy the Twi'lek Pet by DixieRosa
Mature content
Pampy the Twi'lek Pet :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 20 15
Fireplace by DixieRosa Fireplace :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 44 46
Master's Little Jewel Teaser
Jewel rose to her knees, and tried to gain her bearings.  The cheers of her Hutt master's sadistic minions reached her ears.  She felt the sand and rocks on the floor of the pit beneath her.  The overwhelming stench of death permeated the air and assaulted her nostrils.
As her eyes adjusted to the light around her, she could see the bones of previous victims strewn about the floor of the pit.
She heard a deep, bellowing chortle that could only come from the belly of a foul Hutt.  She turned in the direction of the terrible sound, her vision blurred as tears of terror began streaming down her face.
"P-p-please, master!  Show this girl... m-mercy!"  She choked out the words between sobs.  But, her pleas were met only by the mocking jeers of the crowd.  She tried to stand, but her legs shook with fear.  Her knees gave out from under her, and she dropped back to the sand, sobbing uncontrollably.
Corpo the Hutt raised a flabby arm, and she heard
:icondixierosa:DixieRosa 13 36
Master's Jewel by DixieRosa Master's Jewel :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 14 36 The Shadow Confederacy by DixieRosa The Shadow Confederacy :icondixierosa:DixieRosa 3 0
The day is fast approaching
The day is fast approaching,
I’ll make the walk to you.
It seems a dream to be here,
Ready to take the plunge.
But, I am not afraid,
Because I’m diving in with you.
You’ve taught me more than you’ll ever know,
For words cannot express,
The love and joy I feel,
Deep within my chest.
You brought me in from the cold,
And wrapped me up in warmth.
I came to you broken and ashamed,
But you have made me whole again,
And taught my lips to smile.
And, when the world became too much,
For me alone to bear,
You held me tight within your arms,
And kept the darkness at bay.
Though your hands are rough and firm,
Your heart is anything but,
And your touch is always tender.
:icondixierosa:DixieRosa 5 20


The Winning Bid by carmag34
Mature content
The Winning Bid :iconcarmag34:carmag34 32 23
ARC Trooper Valkier by MarcusStarkiller ARC Trooper Valkier :iconmarcusstarkiller:MarcusStarkiller 58 8 ARC Trooper Bux (ARC-3758) by MarcusStarkiller ARC Trooper Bux (ARC-3758) :iconmarcusstarkiller:MarcusStarkiller 22 5 ARC Trooper Abna (ARC-210) by MarcusStarkiller ARC Trooper Abna (ARC-210) :iconmarcusstarkiller:MarcusStarkiller 25 7 SW: No Walking by soggymuffinhead SW: No Walking :iconsoggymuffinhead:soggymuffinhead 3 2 Darth Talon by Totemos Darth Talon :icontotemos:Totemos 178 12 Black Sonja by FransMensinkArtist
Mature content
Black Sonja :iconfransmensinkartist:FransMensinkArtist 256 36
Oola by lucioleeteinte Oola :iconlucioleeteinte:lucioleeteinte 2 0 Talon and Friends by WLN73 Talon and Friends :iconwln73:WLN73 51 9
Oola - Part Three
The sound of blasters firing and shouting rang through the massive, emptied hallways of the Hutt's palace. Those that remained in the main viewing chamber, or throne room, as Jabba thus referred to, sat anxiously awaiting what would happen next. Jabba's eyes were wide and focused. He seemed a tad apprehensive, a trait the repugnant Hutt rarely conveyed. He had always had the same arrogant and calm demeanor, laughing at the threats of those he abused and imprisoned, never truly taking any threat seriously. His ego was massive. It matched his pulsating, greasy body.
Then another sound appeared. It was one that Oola was not at all familiar with, hearing it only once when she had met the young man with the glowing, green weapon in Mos Eisley who struck down one of her captors, and had freed Sienn. The boy named Luke had claimed to be a Jedi, Oola remained skeptical but was happy to know Sienn had made her escape and would never know the life of a slave to a Hutt.
The sound was heard again.
:iconlovelysushibear:lovelysushibear 15 6
Cham Syndulla by Phraggle Cham Syndulla :iconphraggle:Phraggle 106 18
Oola - Part Two
Oola sat there, next to the Hutt, lamenting her current plight. She had nothing to live for in this current moment, in this position as a Hutt's property. There was no hope for her. Where was this pampered and glorious life she was promised by Bib Fortuna? It was a lie, and he was a liar. She grit her teeth in anger for a moment, but then returned to her melancholic state.
Her body still ached from the beating before, but she could sense that Jabba would hunger for another show soon, which sent a chill up her spine. She enjoyed dancing, it was the only time she was really happy whilst in the clutches of the crime lord. It was the only time she felt truly free. And maybe in truth, it was. When she danced, she was free to move in any form she pleased. It was something she was truly skilled in. Of course, it's what also kept her alive. Her disobedience however, would result in harsh punishment, as she'd experienced before.
It happened in a flash. A man who's face was hidden by a mask, one
:iconlovelysushibear:lovelysushibear 12 5
Oola - Part One
"Just one scratch...a bruise...anything..." The Gamorreans savagely came down on the Twi'lek's flesh hard with blunt instruments, grunting and drooling as they did. "Just make me ugly..." Was her only wish as she took the punishment. She thought that maybe if she bruised or bled that she wouldn't be desirable to the Hutt any longer. But, the Gamorreans, although dim-witted, were skilled in their craft. They would beat her for her disobedience but She didn't bleed, nor did she bruise. Her body ached, but she was just as enticing as she was when she was brought to the lecherous crime lord. Scrambling to her feet, she was met half-way by one of the Gamorreans, who aggressively grabbed her by the arm and threw her in Jabba's direction. She once again was chained to him, he caressed the metal leash slowly as his atrocious tongue lurked from his mouth and slithered along his fat, greasy lips. He enjoyed watching her suffer. Bib Fortuna looked on from behind Jabba and signaled for Oola to sit
:iconlovelysushibear:lovelysushibear 13 31
Star Wars set 2 by AmyClark Star Wars set 2 :iconamyclark:AmyClark 43 5 Twi'lek Lineup by demogoron
Mature content
Twi'lek Lineup :icondemogoron:demogoron 216 8
Mature content
Jabba's Party :iconkooshmeister:Kooshmeister 56 20



Jesup Colt
This is a commission of an OC (based on and developed in conjunction with my husband) done by :iconkarolding:. They did a fantastic job was a delight to work with. Please check out their profile and give their gallery some love.

The name of this OC is Jesup Colt. An early inductee into the Deathtrooper during the Imperial Era, he deserted after becoming disillusioned with the Empire's methods and policies. His strength, speed, and cognition have all been enhanced by cybernetic implants, serving him well in his new role as a bounty hunter.

His look has been inspired by a variety of sources. I'll provide a list of his equipment and abilities at a later date.
Hey, y'all.  I've realized after all this time, that the project that the teaser is for really just doesn't interest me.  I'll always love the old Kotor games.  But, in terms of a setting, the Kotor/Swtor era just doesn't interest me.  I'd rather focus on something set in the movie era, as that's where I feel more inspired.  As such, I'll be abandoning Master's Jewel and begin work on something set in the Rebellion era.  I'm not giving any timetables, because I just can't commit to anything like that between work and personal life, my time to write is constrained to when free time and inspiration coincide.  I'm sorry if this is a dissapointment for anyone.  But, I appreciate all the love and patience.  :)


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