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     The honey was divine. It's flavors danced along Sophie's tongue. It was a lovely symphony of smoke and sweetness. She convinced the others of the household to try it. Later that day though, the effects of the honey began to show. 

    Rook had noticed it first. His magical ability seemed to have vastly improved. He had been testing the depths of his magic in combat against Damion. Usually he had trouble summoning even the most basic of spells. Now the spells practically cast themselves at his beck and call. They also caused quite an impact. The training room was half in ruin by the time Damion and him had finished sparring. There were burn marks in the floor, holes in the walls, hell even the ceiling wasn't spared. It was crumbling to ash and dust, as if it could no longer hold itself together. The magic moving through Rook's body was primordial. It whispered and screamed of old gods, glass cities, and udder destruction.

    Damian was the second. He had been thinking of how to repair and reinforce the training room when a quiet whisper had started in the back of his head. At first it was quiet, just barely there. Soon though, it got louder and louder til it was a deafening roar. The voices in his head buzzed together, screaming of ancient prophecies and bleak futures. They seemed to be warnings of places that either no longer existed or were soon to exist. These voices warned of apocalypses and the end days. He clapped his hands over his ears, but no that's not where the voices were. They were in his head. Moving along his bones. Warping around his organs. Trying to shift him to do something,  anything to save them, to protect them. 

    Sophie was the final to notice the changes. It all started when she choked on her tea. As she coughed, a tiny pair of bee wings emerged from her throat. She couldn't remember swallowing a bee and checked the honey jar just in case there had been some poor bee in there. There was none. Her body began to feel strained as if tensing all at once to hold something back. She wondered to the garden in order to work off some of the tensing afflicting her body. After about an hour or so though,  she felt something thrumming under her skin. Marks began to appear along her skin. Glyphs and lines telling of lost knowledge and a mechanical goddess. It whispered of entrance points into a hallow place. A place between the living and the dead. She felt the dirt beneath her clenched hands crumble away as the ground around her peeled away. It made room for a large root of the hallow place to spring up and begin to grow.

Outside the mansion, the merchant watched as primordial magic around the area spiked. Three new agents had just risen. He vanished later that day, never to be seen on the surface again.
The wander's honey
part 2 of the wander idea.
Beware the wander who wears a mask with no mouth. Their songs are sweet and gentle, Their weapons are sharp and quick. They come when the moon is highest and leave with first rays of dawn.

   Rumors and stories had come into town. The market was practically buzzing with the noise. Apparently, there was a new merchant in town. Sophie hummed as she wondered through, happy to enjoy the unusual weather they were currently enjoying. In the dead of winter, it was a temperate and sunny day. She stopped by what appeared to a newer shop, selling all kinds of spices and herbs. The vendor smiled at her curiosity.    
”Hello there ma’am, Can I help you find something?” The man’s voice was pleasant and warm. He was a man of strong build, with a foreign appearance.
Sophie browsed over the spices. Somewhere an array of colors while others were just one shade of vibrant color. Something golden caught her eye. A small jar of a golden and slightly reddish syrup. She lightly tapped the jar.    “What is this?” Her voice held all the curiosity in the world.    
The man laughed, good-natured. “That, my friend, is very special honey. It is said to have magical healing properties and can add an amazing kick to just about any food. The taste of it is rather strange. It is sweet yet savory, with a smokey flavor.”    
Sophie was caught in the man’s description and near immediately wanted to try some. “Can I try some?” She was hopeful and didn’t want to come off as rude. The man sadly shook his head.    
“Fraid not. This ingredient is quite rare and hard to source.” At Sophie’s disappointed look the man decided to do something unusual at least for himself. “I can give it to you for a discounted price. You can have it at half price.” Sophie nodded and handed over the coin and the man handed over the honey. No one noticed the little clay mask on the side of the man’s cart.
full (unshaded):$20
full (shaded):$25-$30
AerykTheGreat#0253! GET YOUR CHRISTMAS COMMISSIONS DONE! their work:…


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