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Divine Isles is a large island of four Isles home to the wild horses.

This role playing group focuses on wild horse role play!
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Jul 23, 2016


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Wild Horse RPG

340 Members
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The hollow sound of the wind in the leafless trees would have unsettled Raven if she had not known this was part of the cycle. The young mare next to her stood stoic and silent listening to the whistling. Raven knew it was her daughters time. Blizzard was born for the cold and it seemed to follow her as Raven nodded her approval at her daughters heading. The course the mare took was now in her hands, but the blinding snow around her would make her hard to find!
Welcome to the 2021 Winter Seasonal Event!
Run time: December 1st to February 28tt
This season's mare is Blizzard!
The fun part about this mare is her design is hidden! You will have to Unlock it through Searching! Each entry will get randomly rolled for search points. Once the community reaches 100 points total her design will be revealed! For every ten points, the community gets 1 of her many dilute will be revealed! Her design will be revealed when the community reaches 100 points
Geno: Ee/aa/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/
Pheno: Black Base what ???
Monthly Events are going to be a little different! Each month will get a reward of Rose Quarts! There will also be a herd member raffled off each month to all the entrants! The prompt for each month will be in the Months Theme Section.
There is a special Winter Festival Mare to be raffled off on the 25th! Each member can only enter once but each entry is guaranteed 25 Rose Quarts as a reward! To enter respond Here with your lead giving another member lead a gift of some form! It can be berries or a back scratch or a cool stick, it's all in the spirit of giving!
Monthly Themes:
December - Togetherness - Tho the nights get dark there’s something lovely about the togetherness that starts winter. How does your lead and their herd spend time together in the bitter cold?
January - The Long Dark - The sun seems to have mostly forgotten the Ilse only showing up for a few hours a day, What does your lead do to keep warm or safe or sane during these cold dark nights?
February - Melting - Ah the season of love, spring, is nearly upon us. There are still snowbanks but the mountain creaks are back and so is a little grass! What does your lead do to shore up for the season of love ahead?
Event Rules
The minimum requirements for all events are full-body, color with a background, or 800 words.
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Season: WINTER…


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