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Black Letter Day
Confirming all of my worst fears
Losing everything I held dear
Wouldn't that be the story of the year?
You be careful, you can't be safe all the time
You'll be faithful, I have no doubts in my mind.
Throwing away all that's been
Just accept it; you can't always win
But the won't be the scene
That won't be the scene
Who knew 180's and the future
Could look to be so promising?
Nothing is always sure
So flip the switch and sing
Sing of all the things to come
Of all past wrong doings-undone
Don't regress
Don't repress
There's no turning back
At least, if you want to keep the ground beneath you
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
Sever Lifelines
And I don't know
Where to go
Let's run this race together
And run forever
Lose yourself with me
For all eternity
Sever all lifelines
This time
And you don't know
Where to turn
Time moves so slow
Questing for what you yearn
Passing through your eyes
Before the passion dies
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 2
Seconds Turn To Lifetimes
Why can't I see the light through this
This reconstruction is hit or miss
Another conversation fades to black
I fail to see what my words lack
When seconds turn to lifetimes [to lifetimes]
Having you; what keeps me alive
Alone together, we walk this night
The distant cousin of perfection
Is a change of direction
180 degree spin
A world completely different
From the one we lived in
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 3
I don't want to live this life
I don't want to live your life
I don't want to live this life
I don't want to live your life
Please don't let me be their mime
I'm trapped within
This box of memories
This fire burns me
The only difference between love and hate
Is that one makes you crazy
[contributions by Chris K.]
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
Hands Are Tied -KevHands- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -KevHands- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 3 3 Hands Are Tied -KevMoon+Arms- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -KevMoon+Arms- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 2 Hands Are Tied -KevB+W- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -KevB+W- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 5 Hands Are Tied -KevSepia- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -KevSepia- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0 Hands Are Tied -KyleSepia- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -KyleSepia- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 2 Hands Are Tied -Kyle1- by DivineImpurity13 Hands Are Tied -Kyle1- :icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
You say I'm indebted to you
Unforgettable; Unforgivable
But how do I repay?
Tears are priceless, dear
I can merely wipe them away
I cannot repair those scars
That stream down your cheeks
Break free, take some pain
Stay shackled, make no gain
Don't make me rip your brain from your skull
And throw it at them
So they'll see what you see
Don't give them another reason
Purify yourself
In the waters of solace
Do not drown in those scars
I'm not helping you back up
I'm just a support beam
And I think I'm about to snap
It was for the best, dear
It'll be gone in 14 days
And what would you have done then?
Would it really be any worse?
The early bird gets the worm
Better now than later
At least you realize now
That you can't judge a book by it's cover
You sat you're indebted to me
Unimaginably; Unfathomably
But how can you repay?
Taking the leap is just one battle
Making it across is priceless
I'm just a hand up
But I think I'm about to lose my grip
Better now than later, dear
Sister, stay strong
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
His voice still rings
He served his country valiantly
He was always preaching
Waste not, want not
Into our hearts, forever reaching
Shouting his name in my mind
A cold emptiness grips my thoughts
The echoes bring me to my knees
It's no use now; I'll stay distraught
But your voice hangs in my ears still
What a cold reminder this rose is
It's too soon for him to leave
I guess not if you lived a life like his
Took him straight to the emergency room
"Code blue," the doctor said; "Code blue."
Airlifted straight to his death bed
All the while, being reassured, "He'll be good as new."
I watched him pine to paleness
Such a hard thing to witness
But his voice was a vibrant one
And I will never forget his
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
The Balance
                               Bright, warm
                  Blinding, strengthening, uplifting
           Sight-giving, everlasting – undertow, evil
                 Consuming, crippling, weakening
                             Silent, endless
[Don't get m
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
Take these wings. Use them.
Wings of the finest quality; of the highest degree
For you, nothing but the best
Marie, it is time for me to let you ascend
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 0
Night Prowler
The trees are dancing
Swaying in the soft night breeze
Bathing in moonlight
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 0 2
A Note About Mockingbirds
Like children playing in the streets
They bring you no harm
Watch where you're shooting
Watch where you're shooting
Goodness is so weak
Paling in the eyes of his opposite
He's over come so quickly
It is the drop of goodness
Left within man's blood
That strikes fear into his heart
Oh how I wish
I wish
That this bullet isn't the only solution
This bullet can't be the solution
Camellias blanket the ground
While one man steps up
And fights for good
With that one last drop
This bullet isn't the only solution
This bullet isn't the only solution
Thank God this bullet isn't the solution
Watch your back
Don't let the scum sneak up on you
:icondivineimpurity13:DivineImpurity13 1 3


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Pat J
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Favourite cartoon character: Nossferatau Alucard.
Personal Quote: Trust is a thriving killer that feeds on love, Honesty is dead, and everyone carries a mask.
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So this place might as well be LiveJournal for me, hahaha.

Seriously though, I will start cracking down. As soon as it warms up, I can go outside and go inspiration chasing.

Good news and bad news. Bad goes first:

PSP got jacked! :O Doubt I'll get it back, but it's just a PSP. I don't really mind all that much. Also, my current English teacher[s] are completely ridiculous. We have this huge paper due tomorrow, and don't get me wrong, I did it, but they're completely contradicting everything we've ever been taught about English. Literally. I got a 0 out of 20 'cause I didn't have a fucking works cited. Yea. That's some shit right there. Thing is, it's not really phasing me... not much has been lately. It's kinda fucked up how numb I feel to all the bad shit that's been happening.

Good news: Joanna and I are still good. :] This part, of course, does phase me. Over 2 and a half years together, and still going!

More good news: BeneathCityLights is coming into quite a bit of money soon [we think!]. We've got two, count 'em, TWO battles on consecutive nights. The first one is on a Friday, and it's through CoD, which is where Kyle is attending until the end of the semester. We won the Battle last year, and everyone except him was a Sophomore in High School! Now, we're all a year older and a year better at what we do. We've broadened our horizons astronomically, getting way heavier but at the same time adding a much softer touch. This year, the prize money is supposed to be $500 or more! The 2nd one is at a church, and the prize money will also be about $500. This is fucking awesome for us, because we already have $500 saved. Bring our grand total to: $1500. If we win both, OUR RECORDING TIME AT FOUNDATION OVER THE SUMMER IS PAID FOR! ;D All we have to do is find and pay for a hotel, gas, and food, and it's gonna be a hell of a lot less than $1500.


I applied for a couple jobs, including a DJ at a roller rink. So... hopefully I'll have some money coming my way. :]


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