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threw this one together out of boredom

it has a scary feeling of loneliness
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hehehehe :D i like it :)
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:aww:!!! I like the lil blanky covering him.
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Nice one - though you seem to be bored a lot I've noticed ;)
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Love all the elements, think the light might be nice with a softer shadow. Can't believe the realism with the blanket texture and it's conformity to the little guy. You have quite an impressive amount of modeling tricks.
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sharp, crisp, clean and clear. and as much as i adore the glass renders, it is good to see you trying some other stuff!
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you killed him?
or it was that glowin' cross from the previous post? :)
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He looks like he's been abducted by aliens :jarkorig: and he is now in one of those spotlights on a table. That would also explain why he's so scared.
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i also thought about calling it the abduction
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thats almost cute, with the exception he looks like something scared the crap out of him, the blanket looks like a napkin :/ you should make him a wife and a dog to be scared with him and so he wouldn't be lonely
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it was supposed to look miniature, so i kinda wanted the blanket to look like a napkin or a tissue or paper town or soemthing of the sorts

this guy is only supposed to be a few inches tall
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he does look small.

ohh add furniture! a thimble and stuff a penny for a carpet and a match box for a bed
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