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a creepier side to my renders that you wont see very often
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Hello there
I really like your work. Is it possible to use it on my professional website please?

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•_• ...beautiful....
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de - excellent 3d, hd, glossy !!
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Cubes! This is such a neat background.
thanks for this thing very nice..
methmonztaz's avatar
Lovely, just lovely!
Basmatic's avatar
that looks amazing!
mondspeer's avatar
And again .... awesome!

Brilliantly lit. Wonderfull render!
firetongue's avatar
I thought, "this isn't creepy, it's actually kind of sophisticated!" until I saw the full view. It's still sophisticated, but I see the potential for creepiness now too.
goldeneagle10's avatar
wow, it's like jelly cubes just after you put them in boiling water.... soooo cool =)
xybre's avatar
What is that reflection in the cubes?
I was thinking how tripped out it could look if the reflection was of something creepy.. I dunno.. just a thought.

Love it though.
Fransoun's avatar
Very eerie...It looks like some of the cubes are fading...
Anenome's avatar
Awesome hematite look, you should do more like this.
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currently my wallpaper and +fav
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haha ;-) other cubes fore my :+fav:
dannyp5000's avatar

and im definetely a fan
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:o holy crap man, you have to make a calendar or something! your work is just too good to stay in a gallery
how the heck do you render that? (i tried maya, jeese thats a tough program, i dont know what i'm doing when i use it)
DivineError's avatar
haha, my art isnt for everyone.

i dont even know what it is people like, i see some of these guys here with like eleventy billion pageviews and they just got pictures of random objects sticking into their faces with fake blood on them

if my art were a little more popular maybe ide set up some prints and shit like that, but it just doesnt have that mass appeal.... yet.

and yes, maya is hard to learn, but im living proof its possible
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yeah i agree. i see a ton of those bryce renders with those photoshop blocks and lines allover them, and they always say it's "abstract" when there's thousands of them. i mean abstract is supposed to be original.

anyway, just take it easy and keep making renders and you'll have a big fan base (you already have a few watchers). also i wanted to know how you came to learn all that maya stuff? do you buy books or use online tutorials? i bought [link] this book for 3ds max, damn that stuff is hard
DivineError's avatar
books are definately a good way to learn it but i believe you get more use from hands on training yourself. the maya manual is HUGE and html based and very good. once you got the basics of navigation done and play around with it for a while you can just read the manual for everything. also look for tutorials online, and read as many as you can and follow them. by doing that you get to know the tools and what they do.

altho what happened with me was i used max for a year or so before switching to maya. max is a little easier to learn than maya and will get you into 3d a lot faster i think. then when your familiar with it you can make the switch to maya and expand your skill.
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yeah, comes with good tutorials, i made that egg dude but i cant render for shit...
anyway thanks for the tips and i'll work on max a little more before straying off
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awesome bro ...
i really like this one +fav
OldManGloom's avatar
I really, really like it. It almost makes me think of T1000 from Terminator2! hah....I'm giving consideration to making it my wallpaper...
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