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Wine Fixed

Woohoo. I got a programmer friend of mine to change the shader code a little, so I could finish my render the way i wanted! So here it is...
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that's actually really neat! wish i have one...
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Coool glass holder!!! Wona me one!!!! Good job!!
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its freaking amazing but i think you already know that.
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I am pretty much convinced that i will never, ever posess the skill required to create anything that even borders on the line of digital art. I really like this one a lot.
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One of my favs of all time that is fantastic what a brilliant imagination you have you will go far
Keep up the work
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Your work is Legendary. One of the guy's in my office walked by and was like. Ooooh Ive seen that picture somewere, which led someone else to pipe up and say yeah me too that guys good, and now we are having a full blown dabate with about 13 members about the time effort and dedication involved in creating such masterpieces. Congradulations.
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Where is it that you work?
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I work at an IT company in South Africa. Alot of people here is fans of your work...
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gorgeous work.
is there any way we could see the original? i never got a chance too.
i love the way it all works.
really good stuff.
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You don't want to see the original, heheh.

Although... you could see another version of it in my Scraps
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wow!! really nice render!!! :headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang:

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I bet you could find someone to make this for you. I am sure you could sell them for a good deal of money.

Very beautiful work either way.
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wow! that's so coool! great job!
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What type of changes did your programming friend make? I'm a computer programmer (geek) and have just started using Maya and was wondering what types of changes are possible.

Picture looks great, but I'm not much of a wine drinker.
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im gonna have to go wayinto detail here....

bassically real glass objects have all sorts of rules that they follow like Beers law of absorbtion and Fresnel inner/outer reflection etc. Because of total inner reflection there can be a shitload of bounces inside the shader, and the original shader had no adjustment for when to start choosing between a reflection or a refraction (because every bounce produced both a reflctoin ray and a refraction ray, so it MUST be optimized). His adjustment allowed me to set a certain ammount of bounces before it starts to cut either the reflection or refraction, because if he didnt, the defaul shader would not be able to see the reflections on the wine because they got cut out by the default 'russian roulette level' (they call it that in the code, because its like, a ray has GOT to go, hehe)

keep in mind this isnt a maya shader, this is a mental ray shader used through maya
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Thanks for the explaination. I'm still working on modeling within Maya and haven't gotten around to playing with the shaders or the different renders (Maya, mental ray, etc.).
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Now this is gorgeous. Reminds me of...a party...yeah...
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That is one cool glass holder.... Nice work!! What do you use for your pix? :D
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That is cool fuckin' shit, man.
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i want that glass!!!
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Wow, this is pure ART
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Wow, this is pure ART
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