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The Thumb of God

By DivineError
Why render a giant thumb as a priest... with a mohawk? The easy answer is God's PISSED

Also, he's my ENTERVOID fighter.
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© 2006 - 2021 DivineError
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Hahahaha, God is pissed :D Awesome :P
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*histarical laughter*
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count down from Busby SEO Challenge
I just wanted to know how you got the mouth like that, im trying to do something like that, but cant find a good way to get a deep smooth mouth like yours, did you boolean, or did you model it like that?
TitansFighter01's avatar
haha. That's cool. How did you do that?
deib28's avatar
very nice!!!.....i love that finger priest with mohawk!!!
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XD This is way too cool, man.
:+fav: :lmao:
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That's funny. Coz I get it. Hahaha.

What toothpaste does he use?
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Arm and Hammer Enamel Care
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haha man thats awsome
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Cool expression man! Love it ! :w00t:
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You should post when you go up on entervoid.. or at least I was looking for someone resembline a.. thumb, and didn't find one.

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you better do this *raises fist*
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I't's so cool! I LIKE!!!
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Wait a minute... Wait a cotton pickin' minute! God's thumb wears clothes!? WHEN WAS THIS?! ]:<
BrokenxStars's avatar
Gloves that suspiciously have priest clothes for the thumb?

That seems a little suspicious, DONTCHA THINK?
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