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Someone said it sorta looked like that old game simon, where you push the colored lights in sequence, you know that thing.

Made in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray
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draumstafur's avatar
Awesome lighting and coloring :heart:
Stand1's avatar
Trivial Pursuit!!!
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pralinkova-princezna's avatar
It is awesome! I am not familiar with the game, but nevertheless it is amazing! :clap:
laure8354's avatar
Hmmm yes it could be Simon... but the first thing that I thought of when I looked at this was Trivial Pursuit lol Either way I think you did an awesome job with it! The colors and the surface reflections look amazing!
Cassandra28's avatar
Reminds me of the little Trivial Pursuit wheel! :)
JustLovely's avatar
i love the colors of this. beautiful.
Rykan's avatar
Very pretty <3 love it.
simon says, very nice
juss's avatar
wow i love this and your other wallpapers very nice indeed,thanks for shareing them,and good luck with the microsoft thing on the windows flag,awesome
Love the rainbow multi-colors that I never get tired of watching! Great!
nxproductions's avatar
Excellent work. I love the off-center composition and general idea for this piece. A bit more contrast would be nice, could make it more "vibrant". This will be my November WP.
DimmuMetal's avatar
This is my new desktop no question this thing ROCKS!!! what did you make it on?
CalmBeforeTheStorm's avatar
wow that was wierd, i was on albinoblacksheep and found this nice job! and it does remind me of was an awsome game...but never the lessit is very asthetically pleasing!
Smoldering-Flame's avatar
Very nice. It does sorta remind me of Simon. Infact, I had a total childhood flash-back to the Simon commercials. Very cool.
insomniac199's avatar
beautiful pic. awesome use of caustics and radiosity. so surreal and yet i feel like i can reach out and touch it. very sweet.
DivineError's avatar
thats exactly what i go for in my renders, totally realistic, yet i make reality look strange
insomniac199's avatar
:D sure as hell worked here.
Skybase's avatar
Man you need more favs on this. Seriously.
sikamikaniko's avatar
wow, i really like this!:D
voytela's avatar
Great picture. Maya is so cool, isn't it :)
DHP1080Creations's avatar
awesome! my new wallpaper :-). i chose this because i think it has a very sleek, shiny macintosh look to it... like the little "loading" mouse pointer that swirls colors... but if you look in the refraction of light, it looks kinda like the windows logo to me! very cool.. lol... like a fusion of mac os x and windows! (which is what my system is ;-))

perhaps you should show this to apple - they might get a kick out of it! :thumbsup:
Jeans16's avatar
makes me think of stained glass...but new age :)
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