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Retrospective Cantaloupe

I am particularly proud of this one for its lighting. You may notice (look on the ground near the corners of the slices) the lighting is extremely accurate.

I also like orange, and cantaloupes, so I like this one :D

RC___0.0__info_:___type_________________ ______number___per_eye_ray
RC___0.0__info_:___eye_rays_____________ _____8140206__________1.00
RC___0.0__info_:___reflection_rays______ ___119757541_________14.71
RC___0.0__info_:___refraction_rays______ ____70931824__________8.71
RC___0.0__info_:___environment_rays_____ ______788191__________0.10
RC___0.0__info_:___finalgather_rays_____ ____62708174__________7.70

RCFG_0.0__info_:_wallclock__3:02:03.36_f or_computing_finalgather_points
RC___0.0__info_:_wallclock__4:03:13.43_f or_rendering
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How did you do this in 2004...;
Wow... You deserve some real respect. Even now it is hard to take this kind of clear renders...
All i can say; Respect..
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Super nice :) I like it :)

Keep a smile on :)

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it is really cool
but there is something wrong
you need another piece
or you pieces need to be bigger
but i like it and i know i could never do something like that
I think you should do introspective cantalope.

Now that would be impressive.
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Looks great! :D Not to mention nice and juicy... :drool: ..Mmmmm... I can't resist... *takes a big bite of one*

Ack! GLAFF IN TEEF! GLAFF IN TEEF!!! :omfg: :omfg:
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wow thats awesome. i noticed the lighting on the ground, at the corners but also the light shining through them and making an orange shadow. all these little things make it look more realistic. great work

oh and your avatar rocks :D the eyes are so funny too
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Oh my gawd! Such talent. :omg:
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I faved this a few weeks ago, but it still makes me happy every time it pops up on my page... :)
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i just CAN'T there is someone so tallented on earth! :omg:
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Not something I'd use as a desktop, but the lighting effects and the redering are outstanding.
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Whoa, this is truly amazing work with lights... So inspiring... God, I have to learn to use mental ray.
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They look so delicious *-* Like gummi candy
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i luv it
i luv it
amazing lights
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Beautiful! It's a favourite
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i hadn't seen this one!
very very cool stuff!
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what do you use to render those beautiful things?
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Maya and Mental Ray
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This is so great, I wouldn't have the time to wait for that render :D

BTW... this is a heads up for you [link]
dont know if somone is ripping your work or not but check it out! second row middle pic!
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thanks for the heads up! they are definately ripping me off. if you ever find my work or anyone elses work on a site like that without it having links to their deviantart pages, i suggest you note them
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very nice, great reflection, looks like it is really there
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