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Klein Bottle

By DivineError
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These two are called Klein bottles, a geometric enigma commonly known in math and physics.

Rendered in Mental Ray, made in Maya (5)
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added to favorites:happybounce: 
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Sience is so fascinating...
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I bestow upon you a Cool for the rendering, and this Cool is multiplied by another Cool for sheer geekery. Therefore, I bestow upon you a Cool^2!
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Wow, I thought they were a photograph!!!
Incredible work! :)
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Awesome picture! ^_^ Klein Bottles are simply cool.
If only we existed in four dimensions, then these could really exist. ^^;
Well, anyway, :+fav:
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oh my gosh, I love klein bottles! The kleinbottle website cracks me up ^^ You should totally send this to them if you haven't already! Very very awesome! I can't even begin to imagine how tedious this must have been to make. Very cool idea to make klein bottles ^^ I wonder if they could make two interlock like that... I bet they could! Did you see the huuuuge one on the site? I love klein bottles, I'm such a geek >< Awesome render!
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inspired by my moebius strip eh? ^_^
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very nice design !
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The point where the tubes join just like they were melted or fused together....that's the perfect touch! Like to know a little more about those details there actually...like the method u chose to model these "welds". You get a VeXcellent from me :P
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it was tricky, ill tell you that much!

first i started with a sphere, the a duplicated it and made it smaller and booleaned it so i had a hollow sphere, the i deleted the faces on the bottom and top of it. then i drew a curve in the shape of the handle. then i manually drew in faces where i deleted them earlier, so it would be likesomeone drilled a hole in a hollow sphere. then i extruded those faces along the curve. then the hard part, manually aligning all those polygons at the bottom of the bottle to the extrusion and also where the handle meets with bottle. it was all about manually aligning polygons, pain in the ass
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Heheh...sounds like timely phun! lol
Very kewl. That's what makes a great modeler I guess.
Being able to put up with the "pain in the ass" stuff
and making it turn out awesome! :D Later!

Side Note: you helped me with my FG caustics awhile back and I said I'd post my results, sorry I didn't LOL. But it turned out well... so thanks a lot. I'll have to get a good caustics / dielectric material pic uploaded and dedicate it to you :D
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another cool render! =D like the glass
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Sometimes I think: its too good that it looks too real =p :) despite that, I can use it on my desktop :) very well made + rendered
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that looks great! love hte glass + hdri!
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Lovely cute looking :)
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aw man i love this, i looked at the links you gave another deviant. wow thats some cool stuff. :)
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amazing render, once again! the lighting, the tube things are great.
very fascinating shapes.. :nod:
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awesome! interesting concept these Klein Bottles :hmm: great representation of them. very realistic in the glass material and lighting...as always. very good job on this :)
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Very nice :) Awesome shiney-ness
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Funny :) Really nice render.
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That's pretty funky, I never knew about klien bottle before. Extremely fascinting.
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Beautiful modeling and render! Congratulations!!
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