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Jark in a Jar

By DivineError
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I don't really know why I made this. The Jark model was re-used from the scene [link] , except I made a different shader since this one is more lambertian than toony. It's also a similar scene setup, but not the same. I know the original emote has greenish liquid, but decided it looked better with blue. Also you'll notice the liquid has volume, as you can see his right hand fading into it.

I was going to do more with this, but I got way lazy, as ussual. Who knows, I might fo more later. After doing this, I sort of feel like making all the other famous dA characters in 3D. Hmm....

Technical Details

Maya 6 to make scene, mental ray 3.3.1 standalone to render. One area light from the right, and a big bright cube near it for the reflection. Didn't have enough time to use fancy volume photons for more realistic water 'fog', or to use the subsurface scattering shader on Jark. The water fog is a simple mib_volume and Jarks shader is a simple lambert with a samplerInfo's facing ratio on a ramp for a very slight edge incandescent effect. The lid is a DGS shader with anisotropic glossy reflection. Glass and bubbles made with my favorite shader, the l_glass shader ( [link] ). Yadda yadda yadda, famous 'kitchen' hdr map used for the reflection you most noticeably see on the left of the bottle. Magic.

Oh, and here's a shot from the viewport: [link]
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heh, JARk!


...in the corner I go...
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It's so cute! You did an awesome job on this :D.
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very nice texturing!!!!!!! i love the shaders you used, so realistic!!
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This looks so realistic =D
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:jarkinajar::fella:iconsaysplz:Works for sandwiches
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Oh I remember this from long ago. :aww:
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Is this like a DA product?
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LOL This is the background on my phone, I had it on there long before I joined DA, now I know who made it ^^
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haha yea when i saw this on no ordinary family i thought hey i've got that wallpaper
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lol absolutely brilliant. If DA would make and sell these like the fella plushies id be one of the first to own a jark in a jar i love it.
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Saw this on ABC's No Ordinary Family last night on one of the lead characters computers :la:
[link] <-- seeeeee
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This is so fleshed out! I'm amazed at any effect you do! XD :wow:
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hahaha Look what I found :-)

Lotsa Love and huggles, lovely work on it :hug:
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This work is being sold [link] as #M503.

Don't know if you knew..
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OOO!!! Maaan)))))) ;-)
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this is my new phone item, it's fantastic!
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:jarkinajar: :)

Really cool . Great work :strong:
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I miss the good ol' days...
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Uuugh, i hate u.....well, not really*sigh* im just EXTREAMLY jealous of ur talent, i wish i was half as good as you...
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they should sell this :P
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This art was featured here: [link] :)
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