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Glass Windows

By DivineError
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Windows are glass, after all, why can't Windows be glass too :o

I originally made this to be a widescreen wallpaper for my friends laptop, which runs at 1280x800, which you can find at this [link]
There are also other variations that are not glass which you can see at this [link] ...it also is widescreen laptop size.

Technical Details</strong>

Made in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray. Sampling at min 1 max 3 with Mitchell filter. Lit entirely with final gathering, at 60,000 accuracy and .04/.4 radius. This happens to be the first image I've made using start to finish that new dielectric replacement shader that I got that guy to make, which you can find at this [link]


I would like it if FOR ONCE deviantart wouldn't fuck up the image I submit at first, making me have to edit it like 3 or 4 times right after I submit. That's anonying to em and I bet it is to my watchers too isn't it?
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[Insert Windows XP startup sound here]
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Very beautiful ! I like it !
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I don't know if you are aware but someone has stolen your image to use as their own work. fav.me/d9t7i5q
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He credited 
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seriously need a working start button
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my favorite! This is exactly what my laptop needed. Thanks!
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I have two.

Well... one i can't really  see through and one that's just plain white.
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Looks like candy, I want to eat it
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i love that operating system but the stupid part of it that people would constanly say and ask does windows 7 have 7 windows? they are funny but those jokes will get anoying at some point in time
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cool man, downloaded
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This is so lovely to look at!
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Gran trabajo. / Great job.
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Very beautiful, man!
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Jeez--looks like a photograph!
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Omg, I saw this pic so many times, for 5 years... You made it?
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Look very realistic.
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666 coments D:
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