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Fifty Percent Grey

By DivineError
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I made this because a friend needed a low color contrast greyish wallpaper. It is named after my favorite 3d animation.

full view is absolutely required, i know it doesnt look like it, but trust me. but im not forcin ya to do anything.

Maya/Mental Ray. Global illumination (second bounce only) and final gathering from one spot light and a mental ray ibl node. 1 million photons from the spotlight, 2.5 million fro the ibl node. 50,000 final gather points (because of the tiny lines) at .003/.06
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© 2004 - 2021 DivineError
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I've been using this as my wallpaper for probably just about the last 6 or 7 years. Good stuff.  I've yet to find something else I'd prefer to have constantly in my vision every single day.  Just wanted to let that be known.
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It looks very nice! =)
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Using it for my theme screenie! Nice wall!
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looks like a great FPS deathmatch map
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hey could i use this wallpaper for an iphone theme? :]
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Great stuff...
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I love this pic, thanks! :)
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Nice - love your stuff in general. Also, gotta agree: Fifty Percent Grey is one of my all-time favourites, too.
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What a visually comfortable and appealing digitaly created landscape. ^_^
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how come this keeps friggin reminding me as a small child like FRIGGIN 2!
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the software is????:D
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The paper is what it is... but I agree. "Fifty Percent Grey" was great. My favorite too. :P
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this is just wicked, nice work
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yeah. Hexagons rule. And you rule, in fact, you get the MAKOSANDERS MEDAL OF DISTINCTION
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Sweet. Do these hexagons fit on a square grid then?
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I have no clue what all that technical jargon means, but i do know that this rocks, hope you dont mind i adapt it (for my use ONLY) to a widescreen so i can use it as a background. Lovin it, and your right about the full view!
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the perspective is making me puke :omfg: its so titlted ;) ouch LOVE IT :b0x0rz:
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nice eyebender....must have been a hell of a rendertime with such a high photon/fg point count....worth it though ;D
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is there any actual pattern to the levels of the hexagons, or is it just random?
(comtemplating conspiracy theory stuff - maybe it's a subliminal message with the heights mapped to an grayscale image of the Monkey Lord or somesuch - or maybe subliminal hypnotism)
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If I told you I'd have to kill you
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flarf - if you can get past the numerous defenses of my house! (flyscreen doors + glass windows) :ninja:
c'mon, out with it....
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Can you send me 200qm of this wallpaper, please? And an additional room?

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Mindblowing stuff, thanks for sharing!
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I love how the hexagons don't have perfectly sharp edges - attention to detail!

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