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Dual Citrus

By DivineError
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Decided for once to make a dual-display wallpaper for those of you out there that have more than one monitor setup.
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Awesome =) I like it ^_^.
I don't have a dual screen at home, but I do here at work =)
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I just found this, and am using it now. Thanks for making it or whatever you did.
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This is a gorgeous one!
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Really NICE wallpaper! Need this for my two baby's :)
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trivial pursuit?
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Love it, thanks for bolstering the DualDisplay section!
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wow, your old stuff dosnt get any where nar as much attention does it?
im really loving some of your older stuff, people should spend a little time digging around in here.

wonderful stuff.
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Thanks man :)

Glad some people still go way back there lol
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wuh-oh, innuendo alert!
had a look at the tutorial (almost) that you did aswell, god damn your fast!

how long have you been a maya user now?
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Haha, I had to go extra slow in the tutorial so people could keep up. If you think that's fast, wait till you see it real time.

Hmm, amybe I'll do a realtime capture just to show off, hahah.

Been a maya user for 4 or 5 years now.
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i bet you have continued to speed up since then aswell, vile!
I did learn a few things from it though, so thanx much for that. I had to look elsewhere for the codec though... your link died.

4-5 years? wowza, commitment right there... i find i get fairly bored in applications ive used for a long time
i guess thats a good thing really though, no more surprises so you can focus on what it is you are doing.
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simply greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttttttt
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I have been looking for a dual monitor wall paper. Prayer answered. Awesome.
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If you want more dual wallpapers of things I render tell me, there's a good chance I have enough free time to render it at any resolution you want.
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I'll do that—thanks a lot.
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another awesome desktop strikes again.. excelent work!
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this is awesome. my monitors are gonna like this :D
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AHHH, the colours!!...Im already using your lollie pop one for my desktop...hope you don't mind.
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Very beautifull! Congratulations! :)
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i like the shaders you did with this one, but for some reason the caustic effect doesnt look right as usual
maybe it's just the different shape but ehh
nice to see a dual display wallpaper :D
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really like the reflection ;) +fav
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