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Originally got the idea from tfprince 's image [link]

All creative credits go to him!

You know the drill... Made in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray. Entirely lit with final gathering, with 100,000 final gather rays at .02/1.00 accuracy. No lights in the scene. Used custom written dielectric shader. Total final gather rays ammounted to 120687428, total reflection rays 1162330866, total refraction rays 1200478737.

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joao15's avatar
very cool!!!
Illusion-Alchemist's avatar
My're so good with the 3D stuff! ^^
Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
i like how EVERY little piece is different!!!!!!!!!!!!! +FAV
xWolfyx's avatar
This really looks like a bottle of the energy drink, BAWLS: Gurana
The color and the bottle shape, without the bumps though...


Naiave-ShadowMoon's avatar
for a moment there i tought it was real! then i read the comments..
real nice!
flammen-sehen's avatar
I thought that looked really familiar ;)
Chaotic-Harmony's avatar
Ya, does look remind you of a Bawls bottle without bumps.
zerendra's avatar
It looks like the balls on the bottle of Bawls have come off. Very cool.
psymansays's avatar
Ooo...the odd-one-out syndrome...

All the glass objects in your gallery really make it visually pleasing, easily.
sparky21's avatar
Your cool, I like you :)
DivineError's avatar
what a coincidence, i like me too :D
bball's avatar
Fav for the bottle, but the dots just dont look right. awesome work nonetheless.
curse-of-concept's avatar
I wish I knew what this all meant but it's awesome none the less
tfprince's avatar
WOW - i'm really impressed.

You know i'm not into the whole CG- stuff but this should be really called "photo-realistic".
:clap: for doing this, and thanks for the credit :hug:

All the reflections... and the bottle...

DivineError's avatar
im glad you approve :D
IceBone's avatar
The drops are too identical and "perfect". Otherwise is a complete copy of the photo. GG!
mal-callm's avatar
Hmmm... I don't know. It's just a bottle (with poor antialias)...
LuckySquirrel's avatar
You never fail to amaze me. This is an amazing render. You have such a great eye for every acute detail that makes your art SO realistic! And awesome choice in the subject of the picture. You made something amazing and meaningful (with artistic credits to ~ tfprince :D) Well done.
Agaru-Aikanaro's avatar
dear GOD! This render is AMAZING! The reality of this is intense........*dies*

danes-sweety's avatar
oooooooooooooh. O.O

Sweeeeeet. :drool:
g-magnetic's avatar
referring to the original inspiration, this does look real indeed. everything is so similar, every bit was recreated really well. the surprising thing is you got the shadows, highlights and all right without any lights. i guess that's why the reflections on the bottle look different from your usual stuff
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