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DNA of a Rainbow

By DivineError
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red orange yellow, green blue purple

I was watching a Documentary on DNA and trying to come up with things to render, and then it turns out Roxsquoggles ( [link] ) page was on my screen, and shes always wanting me to make rainbow colory things, so I figured why not.
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Hello there
I really like your work. Is it possible to use it on my professional website please?

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There are way too many base pairs per turn of the helix. Average is ~10.
I would like to use this on my website as well.  Would that be all right with you?
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I'd love to use this picture on my website? May I? Email is
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This is amazing. May I have your permission to use it in a proposal to a client? I would also put it into a slide show. My email is
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LOL Dna of A Rainbow RAINBOW DASH!!
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It looks very nice! But it is technically as wrong as it can be. DNA only consists of 4 different coloured segments. And the two helices are not identical but complimentary. Red is against yellow, green against blue etc.
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Great work except the dna makes one spin per 10 basepair. :)
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can i use ur pic plzz?
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awesome rendering !!!

i was wondering if i could use this in a project for my uni =P it's about genetic's, and this is just perfect ^^

either way, congrats for the work =D
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hi =) can I use this photo for school website? (this site is about biochemic)for a layout? of course credit it =D
(sorry for my english)
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I immediately thought. Did you make this picture to show people that homosexuality is genetic? What a brilliant idea!
How did you actually make this? I've been searching the internet all day and have come up with you, and your picture is the one that i think is best so I'm asking you.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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I am going to create a website for a fake company as part of a project for one of my classes. Would you mind if I use this image on that site? I will, of course, credit you for the image.
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LOL! I love this. A lot. I don't know if you intended for it to be this way, but this is what I thought when I saw it the first time:

"And as they say, It's in your DNA! You're gay!"

That's not referring to's lyrics in a song if you didn't know. But you know, fits! I really like it!!! :+fav:!
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