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This is based off a drawing by `delya~ which you can see HERE!

I had always liked the drawing and for whatever reason never made it until now. There was actually a lot more I wanted to do to the image, like more bloody drippy splattyness, but I ran into several technical issues that could have been resolved had I had more processing power. So instead I decided to go the other direction and make him more sterile looking (hence the title). I didn't ad the foot pads you commonly see in the Zurd because first of all it wasn't in the original sketch, but also because it drew too much attention away from what was important; the stitches cuts and heart.

I don't think much else need be said.

Technical Details</u>

Made in Maya 7, rendered in mental ray. Modeling was a combination of polygons, subdivision surfaces and NURBS. It was lit with one single giant disk shaped mental ray area light. There was a white environment casting final gather rays into the scene for more ambient lighting. The shaders are all custom made, but not entirely fancy this time. The skin is similar to a standard Maya Ramp shader, and same goes with the rest of the shaders. All the stitches are manually modeled and individual, which was a real pain in the ASS, but it had to be done. Same goes with the internal organs. You can't really see them that well, but they are modeled. Look at the viewport screenshots I posted below to see the detail!

Here's a bunch of viewport shots: Viewport, Crotchy, Head, GUTS!, Heart

Here's the very simple lighting setup: Light and Ground

Here's a few layered shots: Zurd, Background, Reflection Ghost!

And of course, here's a PNG version of the image, for full quality splendor: PNG Version

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