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Almost Perfected

By DivineError
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Happy Valentine's day!

I really had a hard time choosing which angle was better, but here is the original angle www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/ap2.jpg . Use whichever you like the most.

This is a 3D version of :icondelya:'s image "Almost Perfect", which you can find at this [link] . Check out her website at www.agilerobot.com Of course, all creative credits go to her!

I haven't been able to make many renders lately because I've been so busy, but I couldn't let this holiday pass me by :D. I promise I'll not be busy in a couple weeks, I'll be cranking out renders like I used to once my website is up!

Technical Details</u>

Made in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray. Maya ramp shader used on the heart, as well as on the paint brush. Ambient occlusion used on the brush handle and threads to bring out that detail in the tiny cracks and crevaces. Regular lambert shader used on the dude and the ground. Lit with one invisible and very large area light, and also with final gathering from the heart and dark red environment. Render time was about 2 hours.

Here is some shots from the viewport: www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/apshot1.jpg www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/apshot2.jpg www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/apshot3.jpg

[[EDIT]] Losslessly compressed PNG version at this www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/ap.png , and a version without the glow at this www.cosmicdeathray.com/originfx/custom/apng.jpg
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Another pesky YouTuber using your artwork without permission O.o

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yes, very well and good view. thank you for can see this so perfect
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Thank You! Nice!

Used it here: [link]
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some one is stole your art work [link]
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Oh wow! I remember i had this as my screensaver a long time ago...i always wondered who the artist was...well now i know! Very neat!
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I know you've got a lot of comments but I had to throw mine in... simply beautiful!
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This is amazing :)! <3
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DesignSphere - Featured Here: [link]
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Just love your cute character and this image! Great creative work! :iconifeelfluffyplz:
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8-) Great Picture :dance:
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This is absolutely adorable!!
Gorgeous work! :heart:
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Hey, I think this picture has been used in a photoediting software, I think the name was Dream something?

I used it like years ago, and I recognized this.
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I LOVE the way you rendered the shine on the reflection! Bravo man! :D
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Excellent work! I love it!
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luv it!
the heart is so beautiful! :D
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yo, some guy on DA is using your image, i reported it, thought you should know.

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so nice, so cute, so lonely :)
thx for doing this
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Love your work, and I wanted to let you know, someone jacked your art:


No mention of you or any credit!
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