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Alien Martini

I originally got the idea from this pic [link]

I added depth of field this time. It's about equal to a camera at F2.8. Was going for a real professional look :D

RC___0.0__info_:___type_________________ ______number___per_eye_ray
RC___0.0__info_:___eye_rays_____________ ___262042952__________1.00
RC___0.0__info_:___reflection_rays______ ___940194743__________3.59
RC___0.0__info_:___refraction_rays______ ___648134017__________2.47
RC___0.0__info_:___environment_rays_____ ______277926__________0.00
RC___0.0__info_:___finalgather_rays_____ ________3780__________0.00
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oh well that's cool looking

daboetz's avatar
dude this looks real! Maybe here's an idea for you: link to 'Better Living through Chemistry'
Fransoun's avatar
This was the first piece of work I ever saw of yours, and I've had it on my screensaver ever since you posted it. I love the symmetry of the reflections in the glass.
shashaank's avatar
gud job
heidiwg's avatar
if you like this kind of pictures, take a look at [link]
DivineError's avatar
hes been on my watchlist for a while ;)
Narfmaster's avatar
:+fav: w00t! Great piece.
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Your title reminds me of a pangalaticgargleblaster (I don't know if I spelt that right and I ca't be arsed to look it up)
It's a lovely picture very clean, but it makes my eyes hurt to look at it for too long.
RyuKokoro's avatar
Wow, is that stuff drinkable? Cos I want some!!!
Carbonfibr's avatar
Photorealistic. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bosniak's avatar
looks so real.... really amazing !
King-of-no-pants's avatar
When's the print going to be available???
BCBomb47's avatar
Awesome! i cant believe how realistic this looks...well, actually i can :D great job on the reflections and DOF. great work.
d4rkkn16h7's avatar
wow! very real! awesome work! i like the subject matter too... cool stuff! +fav again! =)
g-magnetic's avatar
wow, this has to be one of your most realistic yet 0.0 great details!
i agree the DoF is amazing. but it all looks so real, damn
keep up the good work :D
Sn0w3h's avatar
cheesebanana's avatar
whoa awesome work erik. the DOF is perfect. the colours amazing and and the shape of the glasses is awesome too

+fav instantly
sexyxx's avatar
looks so real and nice :p
vexinc's avatar
The bottom of the glasses are exceptional...
especially at the point where it expands out
into the bottom...with the hint of green n' stuff
very nice!
Roxsquoggle's avatar
Jesus :wow: lol you're lying!! this is a photograph! :P

godo idea on havin the focus on the centre glass... ITS PHOTO DAMMIT :P
Hitokiri-san's avatar
Looks so very nice.

I love the glass...
habbi's avatar
absolutely amazing.. honestly...
TheBeigeKnight's avatar
Nice, one of your better works. I like how the two that arn't in the middle are blurred focusing on the center one.
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