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:star::star::star:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :icondelya:!!!@#:star::star::star:

:party::batman: Here, have a biscuit! :biscuit: :strip:

I may not be able to be there to get you a gift, but I sure as hell can render something for ya! I hope this helps cheer you up :hug:

Special thanks to !AtomicStoney for drawing the character pose reference sketch, which you can see HERE. The stars are from `delya's EnterVoid Battle. And !Kwelude did me a huge favor and helped me find that font for the screaming stars. Everything else I did, concept and background and all.

I really had fun making this, and a lot of personal effort went into it. I really hope you like it `delya :aww:

~:heart: ~:heart:

Technical Details,</u>

Made in Maya 7, rendered with Mental Ray. Modeling was acheived with a combination of polygons (for the headm ears, and Chucks), NURBS (for the pants and beenie), and subdivision surface for everything else. Hair and tail were done with Maya 7's new hair systems. It was lit with a grey environment, one area light from the front'ish area, and one spotlight in the back for specular backlighting. Shaders for the skin were mental ray subsurface shaders. Almost all other shaders were Maya Ramp shaders. All texturing and the background were done in Photoshop. No need for fancy layers this time, all strait out of Mental Ray this way. NO EDITING. Except for the text, of course. And a special thanks to ~furryomnivore for editing the EXIF data on the image, LOL.

On to the pictures:

Here's a few viewport screenshots: The Whole Scene, NO LEFT HAND D:, OMG FLOATING TAIL, Pants N Shoes

Here's the entire lighting and camera setup: Secrets!

Here's a completely pointless BSP diagnostic render that you don't need to see: You don't even know what these do.

AND, here's a PNG version of the image, for highest possible quality: HERE

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Mental Ray
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OMG I still love this one here I am a dummy! 

It was borrowed by me to be my wallpaper when you just published it. I also remeber how ubset I got for see one of your arts plaged, I should be nutty i e-mailed you! ROFL... Things that a M.S student does in Brazil when get annoyed to read a lot of papers (aka sh*t LOL)... btw it was long time ago, I lost my devian art account ant now we have a new logo Rabbit hole  (sooo prettyyyy No, I disagree! )  ¬¬" nvm. I still apreciate you work, i tryed use Maya and all 3D softwares (you make the person wish drawing 3D dude) I fail of course! So I give up and restringed myself to copy landscapes or nice pictures... btw I was better when I was teenage CURSE YOU! 

But I was arround to say how much I like you work including your scrap folder Wink/Razz 
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I became aware of your work via the DD you received, and I'm glad. Hell I love your whimsical sense of humor and artistic style. Don't mind me if I favorite a bunch of stuff and put you on my watched deviants list.
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gotta love those pants man.
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It's.... it's PERFECT:love:
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THATS CRAZY DUDE. My hair is exactly like that, my friend just left over her beanie exactly like that, and I just but my pic... that is THAT pin... on it. But its on the side along with two others... but still... thats really weird


good job though
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thats really cute >w< :heart:
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woww...amazing!!!! O :)
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*stares in utter happiness. mouth in a wide smile 'n all. Like i just saw a huge stack of cookies waiting for me to eat*
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Love all the details :) Great Job!
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thank you for my new background.
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Wow. This is amazing. The colors, the expressions, and all the attention to detail just makes this piece a truly amazing piece of artwork! (And quite entertaining to look at, too! ^^) Wicked awesome job.
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Hey, where'd you learn how to control the hair like that? It's pissing me off, I can never get it to work how I want it to >_<
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I love the pin on the hat ! "Parent Advisory" ?? Haha nice detail ^^ !
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oi like this one!
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sooooooo cute!!! and the colors are so blindingly attractive..
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omg! this made me cry.. :/ I wanna be like her.. She is so happy, I'm kinda jelious >.<

Great work!
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OMG that's awesome! O_O I actually thought it was an acual real model! XD

That is just....amazing!Your work is awesome!:+fav:
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Awesome colour set up, and nice character concept!
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Love the pants bunches!
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