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Gotta Beat 'im!

Doodly picture of Karen and Angie playing the Nintendo 64~ They actually live in the Gamecube (almost the Wii) generation in this picture, but Angie's older brothers wouldn't let her play very much, so...the N64 was hers, basically.

They're both about...5 or 6. Karen doesn't like to play because she thinks it's scary and it makes her nervous. She's fine with helping with the puzzles.

If you know which game they're playing, you get a cookie. :cookie:

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I remember this boss fight. Bongo Bongo was an intense (albeit odd) boss. 
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Aww, bless...looks like Angie really got into quite a few scrapes back then, judging by all the plasters. X3
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She was a very active and reckless child. XD
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Ocarina of Time! :dummy:
The Shadow Temple is by far my favourte temple in Ocarina of Time :la:

Karen and Angie are totally adorable! :giggle:
Divine-Princess's avatar
Yay! :cookie:
The Shadow Temple is my favorite, too! :la:

Thanks~ They really are haha
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Really?! :heart: :highfive:
Finally I found someone who liked the Shadow Temple most :la:
Everyone so far was just telling me, that the Shadow Temple was way to creepy and they prefer the desert temple (how is it called in English? I's Desert Colossus in German :iconthinkplz:)
I think the desert temple is waaaay creepier than the Shadow Temple ^^; Just listen to that music and don't get me even started about the Wallmasters... (they are called "Todesgrapscher" in German, which translates to: "death groper" or something like that...fits them better than "Wallmaster" ^^; )
Brrrr, I don't like them...they scare the... well... everything out of me.  :fear:

You're welcome! :huggle:
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Yeah! It freaked me out as a kid, but I really like it a lot now because it's so freaky. :lol: I find it to be one of the most interesting dungeons in the game! unfortunately I have yet to really play OoT instead of watching a family member play it, so my opinion on the dungeons can't really be "complete" because I haven't experienced it. honestly I might freak out while playing whoops

It's called the Spirit Temple in English, I think. :meow:

Seriously! They're so creepy! They jump out of nowhere! :noes:
"Death groper" is definitely more descriptive for them. Oops! 
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Haha, don't worry, it's not that bad. Just keep your lens of truth close with you and you will get through it in no time.

And yes, it probably has the most interesting background story and theories about it. It's just so mysterious!

Now that you say it, I think the dungeon itself might even be called like that in German, too. That statue in front of the dungeon is the desert colossus :iconthinkplz: I think I might need replay that game as well soon :D

Totally D: You are just standing there minding your own business and BAM it got you. That's the worst part about them...and Link's scream when they got him :fear:
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Alrighty haha. :D


Hm, it's a possibility!

Yeah, for sure! :noes:
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omigosh they're so cute! :'D i love how you did their faces and expressions and their poses look so natural :0
the lighting is really cool too :')
Divine-Princess's avatar
Aw thank you so much, I'm glad you think so. :heart:
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Ahhhh, this is cute!! ~ :heart:

They're playing Ocarina of time, aren't they!? hehee
The Shadow Temple's boss; Bongo Bongo~
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Aw thank you~ :heart:

Cookie for you! :cookie: :giggle:
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My pleasure!~ <3

Yaaay!! :la:
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