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shedding some light?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 1:20 PM
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I'm not really good at the whole journal thing and school has kept me pretty busy to make matters worse I procrastinate a lot. But one of my new watchers asked if I could share a little more about myself and my culture so here goes nothing

   I from a tiny island in the Caribbean called Barbados it very beautiful I guess if you're into the whole tropical vacation thing and you will see that in most area like the country side, beaches etc. Its actually kind sad to say but I really don't know much about my own historical clutter plus when I wanted to do history in secondary school (what most call high school) my mom was like I don't think history is for you which unfortunately she was right because I was very lazy when I came to reading unless it was a scary book like Goosebumps, a paranormal romance novel (NOT TWILIGHT) or chicken soup for the soul they was no way I could read it and not fall asleep. But when I got into collage certain subjects required a lot of reading and I had to find ways of revising my note so I don't fail I mean I'm not a strait A student but collage is a lot harder than I thought I would be.
   I honestly though all I had to do was drawing, painting and maybe even a bit of collaging but all the students  whether art student or computer programming student we all have to do English (my worst subject (>_<) ) Politics (which I'm really starting to like ) Math (woo hoo math alright \(^_^)/) and Ethics. And I also had to do other art related subjects like photography, 3d representation /pottery/ceramics (structure I guess ) and so on. There were points where I couldn't handle the work load and I really wanted to drop out yet ironically finding ways to encourage my friends not to drop out (I guess that was a way of me encouraging myself :P ). But as far as dropping out goes that's out of the question because my mom won't have that. At this point I'm just doing my associate degree and I was hoping to go as far as masters but I ain't getting any younger and like I said this is a lot harder than it looks so I made a deal with my mother that I would finish my associates and then I could do what I wanted as far as continuing or not  I don't know what I'm going to do as far as that but  I figure I should hang on and finish because:

1) I only have one more year after this semester
2) I don't want the money I use already go to waste
3) I may apply to  an animation collage overseas and get a job  after words after I get this degree  

But I think I talked quite a bit there and I'll save the rest for my next journal entry

The-Amethyst-Jedi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Well hey, thanks! Good to know a bi about you. :)
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