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At long last I'm revising my Introduction to Lucid Dreaming!

This new revision is coming out as a series of posts on my blog. Snippets will also be featured on my tumblr, as well as being listed below.

A new section will be posted every day.

All the information used for this revised edition will be coming from my own personal experiences, so if anything doesn't work for you, there are other methods.

(newest update will be in bold)

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Stiiiiiiiiiina's avatar
YES! I am not the only one who is completley captivated by Lucid Dreaming!
Astral Projection is another fascinating thing worth looking up:)
divby0's avatar
I won't talk about astral projection.
Stiiiiiiiiiina's avatar
is there any particular reason?
divby0's avatar
because it's a can of worms that I don't want to open; because there are more misconceptions having to do with astral projections than there are to do with lucid dreaming; because I have very little experience with astral projections...
Stiiiiiiiiiina's avatar
subconcius is a dangerous place...
It is true that it is dangerous.But it remains interesting to me.
Have fun with lucid dreaming