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"The Meek"
23 May 2006

There was nothing left after the explosion.Well, more than nothing. A portion of a wall here, fallen rubble there,and leaning trees and shrubbery all around. And a room in the distance. Kyle shaded his eye and looked towards it into the sun. There was somebody--several somebodies--inside.
          He bent down and picked up his cell phone from where it had fallen during the blast. After scratching some dirt off the keypad--which still worked, but no signal--he replaced it in the clip on his belt and stood back up. The sun was going down behind the boxy structure, and he'd need some shelter before it got too dark, before the... the... hmm. Before the the cockroaches came out? Yeah, that was it.
          The structure was all that remained of the high school, and was indeed just a box. It was a marvel that it stood. Kyle knocked on the window of one of the doors, and the inhabitants looked up at him. They were clustered around three people, each clearly distinct from the others. One stood tall, all in black, arms crossed and a smirk on his face. The second faced him, wearing a red shirt, and was growing an impressive afro. Between them sat the third, with closely cropped hair, elation hiding within the eyes of his stony face, and a laptop resting on his legs, fingers poised.
          The one with the laptop did not look up, but the other two, and the rest among them, looked over at him. Somebody opened the door and invited him in.
          "Well, we all made it, just like we said we would."
          "Not quite," interjected the one with the laptop.
          "What do you mean?"
          "Don't worry, here they come now."
          Around them, in the dusk, the cockroaches began to crawl out of the shadows in the rubble and into the world they, and those in the box, had inherited.
date written: 23 May 2006

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blazey84's avatar
this is so funny :XD: again, nicely written!
JadeFireEva's avatar
I wanna know what's on the laptop! XD *is interested in reading* I'm kinda confused now. Ehehe.
divby0's avatar
yay! glad you're interested!
GothZombie's avatar
i still find this utterly hilarious. and amazingly, you have no typos...*GASP*
divby0's avatar
:jawdrop: what? no typos!? that's amazing!

good thing i put it in humor then. couldn't think of anywhere else appropriate for it, 'cept maybe life stories.
GothZombie's avatar
heh, yea. no typos...u sure ur ace?
divby0's avatar
...:shrug: feels like me.
GothZombie's avatar
...if it wasn't you, i'm calling the police....j/ ya.
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