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Cloud Monkey Tattoo

A nice man named Matrix Monkey emailed a few weeks ago and asked permission to have my drawing, "Cloud Monkey" tattooed on himself. I said yes, and he sent me the first pictures today!
It's just so HUGE to me that someone likes my art so much they'd make it a permanent part of themselves.
And did the inker do a great job or WHAT?

The artist is Johnny at Big "O" Tattoo
1640 "O" St
Lincoln, NE 68508

photo copyright CJ
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That's a Heck of an Honor!
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it looks better in person
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AWESOME tattoo... and now Matrix Monkey can always find a smile! :D
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What an honor to have someone want your art tattoed on them. You know that's a great sign that they like it! :nod: :D Cute design too
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I love that he credited you on his body and everything!
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That's awesome. That's like the highest compliment, that someone wants to put your art on their body forever.
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