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It's been a big year! In England: our queen celebrated sixty years on the throne and we hosted the Olympics; America was struck by hurricane sandy; Korean band Psy released Gangnam style and became the first ever internet videa to reach one billion views, Austrain skydiver Felix Baumgarter broke the sound barrier and we lived through the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans.

Oh, and these wonderful deviations were created:

Pencil Vs Camera - 68 by BenHeine V e r y  C o l d by pigarot
John at 3:16Dear Jesus Christ,
I went to bed at 3:16 last night and started thinking about John—John who pissed away every paycheck he ever made and only fucked virgins, John who beat up a woman's husband and spent a Christmas in jail, John who shot himself on the front porch of his mother's house. I don't think anyone shed a tear except her. I heard she shed many tears as she cleaned up the mess.
I thought about when I first met him. It was at church. He and I were both eight. He sat next to me and we stared at that stained glass image of you in your white robe with your outstretched, loving arms, and he leaned into me and asked, "Do you believe in Jesus?"
"Of course," I said. "Don't you?"
He didn't answer. But it was Communion that day and he ate your body and drank your blood just like everyone else, and I thought he had to believe in you because you were inside of him.
I asked him once, Jesus Christ, I asked him if he believed in you and he said, "I want to. But everyone says I have
Crayon SoulmatesDear Stars,
I have a bone to pick with you. You see, when I was six, I called myself the nowhere girl... and I coloured myself a soulmate. I made him on crumpled sheets, with broken pieces of crayon, on a playground that was too busy wondering whether growing up entailed stealing their mother's cigarettes and their father's dirty magazines (I suppose I was already wise enough to know that growing up meant choosing one of the many ways of breaking yourself in two.)
I hope you remember him, stars...he was important to me (My best friend threw that drawing away on my seventh birthday and told me that someone like me was not supposed to have such dreams.).
He had hair as ebony as deep onyx and a smile that never grew up (Peter Pan would have been proud).  He was magic in soul form, and smelled like cinnamon and the earth after it has rained. His eyes rivaled a lions on the best of his youth, his words were story shaped. His skin was an ink coloured canvas of wonder and even in crayon love by oprisco Cloud Coffee by sakiryildirim
BeyondSometimes, during those odd moments of spare time here and there, I’ll take a moment to study my hands. Twin appendages, born from the same mold with the same crooked complexity. Ten white, spindly fingers that crouch like spiders legs, or perhaps mimic the animal’s iridescent webs that shine after a refreshing autumn rain.
(Just a skeleton of a life now past. A forgotten remnant- a trinket souvenir- of what once might have been.)
Freckles are scattered across my skin like sparks from an untamed fire. As a child, I believed them to have a hidden meaning- like the stars that sprawled so far above my head that I’ve never yet seen. I would make constellations, memorizing them and tracing them uncountable times and rejoicing as soon as a new star appeared.
(One settles on my pinky finger, another nestles in the crook of my thumb. They have to mean something, so perfectly placed.)
On the undersides, miniature Grand Canyons make their way across the expanse of my palm. S
Flower Three by IMustBeDead
three feelings more than us by Rona-Keller


My next feature is going to be for those wonderful people who actually read features, so if you get here, leave 1-3 of your best deviations comment on this blog.
EVERYONE who sends a deviation will get a feature in my 50 watcher feature!

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Thanks so much for the lovely feature- I'll make sure to check out the other works as well!
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Best from 2013? Don't you mean best from 2012? :P And aww, thank you so much for the feature! I'm touched. :heart:
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