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The Myth of Teiresias by divadlo209 The Myth of Teiresias by divadlo209
A prophet from ancient Greece. Teiresias came across snakes mating and he struck the female with a stick and killed her. As a result of this act he turned into a woman for seven years before changing back. Zeus and his wife Hera asked Teiresias after being both a man and a woman which did he enjoy more. Although he enjoyed being able to give birth to children and raise them he was much happier as a man. Hera wasn't very pleased with his answer so she took away his sight. Zeus couldn't take away her curse so he gave Teiresias the power of inner sight. This power of sight became an almost unbearable power in that he saw horrors and terrible visions of future events. Moral: Sometimes being dreadfully honest can backfire. And, a woman is always right; defy her and you defy the will of the gods.

This is a self portrait manipulation of me from a photograph. Seven years ago I played Teiresias in a production of Antigone. The shaved head, blind contacts and wax over my eyebrows was part of the character make-up. The rest is my manipulation. Background is from a photograph I took in Athens.

PS: I had to keep downsizing this image. DA says under 30 mgs and this was 24 but the server wouldn't accept it until I brought it way down in size.
Gild-a-Lily Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! :wow: I absolutely love this ~ it's so brilliantly done and you look very impressive ~ in a scary kind of way :fear: ~ wonderful
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