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Bowser Shimeji download link

Paper Bowser
[link] Rar File
[link] Zip File
Sorry i couldn't upload on Deviant like the Mario one but Devi won't allow me anymore :( So i had to make a mediafire account.

Peach (basic) [link]

[link] Rar
[link] zip

All are English version
please favorite if you download

****waring action file is edited (this one can't be put in the same folder as others.)***
what is a shimeji?
a shimeji is a buddy that runs around your desktop and distracts you. and sometimes steals your window page (but you can get it back)
*All images were found online and edited; some where taken from covers of the game*

well first you need to make sure your java is update
then you download the file
then you Extract (save it to place you can get too)
open the folder and click on either Shimeji-ee (with weird PC icon) or Shimeji-ee ~ Executable Jar File (java)
You should get an icon on your right-hand task-bar (a star)
hope that helps
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Web browser? More like...

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in shime 15 to 17 it's not bowser pls fix it
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Just downloaded this onto my laptop and I love it! He's adorable! Aww 
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Aw he's so cute lol
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*could* Sorry my computer screwed up! XD
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This is awesome!! :) If you have time, cold you also make a paper luigi? :3
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yas! paper weegee!!
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So, when I try to run it all I get is an error message stating "Cannot Run the Java Virtual Machine" and my other Shimejis work perfectly fine, any help?
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does it close your windows? .-.
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Yes and No. You can get your window back by right clicking the star icon in you taskbar and click "restore IE". So it doesn't close your window it just moves it.
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Thanks for making this!
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The Rar link works. :3
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Thanks for telling me =)
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You're welcome!
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Bowser walking around my desktop?! Awesome~! I l♥ve it. ^_^
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