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Fantasy Icons :200+ images:



Above if a very small preview of a collection of fantasy game icons. Please use the download link to get a zip file filled with all of the icons! All of these icons are 50x50 pixels so are the perfect size for dA avatars.


These Icons were commissioned for Traipse OpenRPG

They are licensed under the CC-By-Sa (Attribution - Share-Alike) License : [link] so can be shared as long as credit is given to the original creators (Myself and Traipse OpenRPG)


What's in the zip file:

00 - My blank backgrounds - a border, a parchment and a panel (all of the below images appears on these backgrounds)
01 - Shields, two designs, a blank and one with heraldry
02 - Warhammer, two designs
03 - Sword, three designs.
04 - Helmet
05 - Dwarf Paladin (1 face, 3 body designs)
06 - Sorceror (2 faces, 6 body designs (different spells, with and without cloak)
07 - Goblin (1 face, 2 body designs)
08 - Compass, two designs
09 - Globe, two designs
10 - Scroll, two designs
11 - (Spell)Book, four designs
12 - Building, two designs
13 - Tree, two designs
14 - Coin, three designs
15 - Backpack
16 - Elf Archer (1 Face, 1 Body)
17 - Cleric (1 Face, 2 body designs)

Bonus 1 - Magic Wand
Bonus 2 - Magic Potion

The two bonus images weren't in the original design brief but I thought they fit in well. In total there are 48 designs (some small variants of each other) and over 244 images in the zip file!
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Multiple attempts have been made to contact DitzyDM for more images to create a more complete set for Traipse OpenRPG. Unfortunately no response was given. I will be releasing these into the Public domain and not using them for Traipse as was originally planned.

Thank you.