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Ghibli Zodiac

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2015's Zodiac is here! 

Happy Year of the Sheep! Baa

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I went with a Ghibli theme this year, most people thought I was doing a Legend of Korra/Avatar theme, but I've been planning this one for longer. 
As usual, I expect people to have a few questions to ask, so feel free to ask why I picked who I did!

Rat - Boh [Spirited Away]
Ox - Cows from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Tiger - Catbus [My Neighbour Totoro]
Rabbit - Totoro [My Neighbour Totoro]
Dragon - Haku [Spirited Away]
Snake - Naja [Ni No Kuni]
Horse - Yakul [Princess Mononoke]
Sheep - Baatender [Ni No Kuni]
Monkey - Aye-Aye Sir [Ni No Kuni]
Rooster - Chicken spirit [Spirited Away]
Dog - Heen [Howl's Moving Castle]
Pig - Porco Rosso [Porco Rosso]

Cat - Jiji [Kiki's Delivery Service]

Kanji reads Jyunishi no Jiburi and I really hope that's correct grammar!! Feel free to correct my Japanese as I'm a fresh amateur!

Youtube Video Here:
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YeenaDeenaStudent Digital Artist
I wish I was cat ;-; oh well
VulpineMystery's avatar
VulpineMysteryHobbyist General Artist
Yay, I'm the year of Totoro!
Dscapades's avatar
DscapadesHobbyist Traditional Artist
great work, these are really lovely.
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stichedButtonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art is.. SweetEager Kaoani 
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RightfieldHobbyist Digital Artist
Spot the humans
Anga300's avatar
Kill that little rat, make the world a better place lol.
MangaMolly1991's avatar
Very cool and cute
Zinnestheyl's avatar
This is adorable!
RavenDANIELS's avatar
RavenDANIELSHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG so cool!
SkullKidRoss's avatar
Waah, I didn't recognize the Ni No Kuni one's because I can't play the game T.T I thought it was supposed to be coming out on a Nintendo console...
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ditto9Professional Digital Artist
There is a DS version of the game, but it only came out in Japan, I think.
We got it free on Playstation Plus, but I wish we'd bought the special edition, it's worth the money :<
SkullKidRoss's avatar
Ah that's what happened to the DS one ): I remember hearing about a version where you get a spellbook with it too or something. I was really looking forward to it T.T

What's it like? I bet it's awesome :3
ditto9's avatar
ditto9Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, the DS version came with the Wizard's Companion, and so did the special edition for the PS3 - a friend of mine very generously gave me his copy of it from his PS3 edition :)

It's so lovely!! It's like Pokémon and Final Fantasy had a baby and was animated by Ghibli. Level 5 are one of my fave developers, too!
SkullKidRoss's avatar
Now you can be a true wizard x3

Level 5 made Dark Cloud, didn't they? I dunno if you've heard of it, it's kinda old now and no one I mention it to seems to know what it is. But I loved that game so much when I was a kid.
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ditto9Professional Digital Artist
Ah, I've not played it but I like oldy cult PS2 games, I'll have a look for it one day. I mostly know of Level 5 from Professor Layton, but they're just amazing at everything they do ♥
SkullKidRoss's avatar
Oh yeah of course, they did Professor Layton too xD I forgot about that. Those games are fantastic.

Dark Cloud might seem a bit dated playing it now >.> But it should still have some of the appeal and magic I thought it had :3
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IkiYukikazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww cuteee 
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ditto9Professional Digital Artist
Hehe thanks :D
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CrystalGem523Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww they are so cute! Especially in your style ^^
ditto9's avatar
ditto9Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!!
CrystalGem523's avatar
CrystalGem523Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^^
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