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Feather Painting Tutorial

There is so much more to say than this, but if I put too much to read, people might fall asleep.

See the finished piece here: [link]

Please comment with additional questions and I'll answer them as soon as I can. If anyone uses this tutorial please let me know and I'd like to see your paintings!
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PsykopathBarthory's avatar
Wow, painting on a feathers sounds like cool idea! Gotta try this one!
foxhollow63's avatar
Wow!! Thank you! I would have never guessed against the grain.
ynne-black's avatar
Could you tell us how to fix the feather? I guess it's the most important question :)
dittin03's avatar
This depends upon the situation. I will usually connect two feathers by drying paint between them. For single feathers, I use my left hand to hold it steady and my right hand to do the painting. As the paint dries, the whole thing becomes more sturdy.
KiyiyaTheWolf's avatar
Wow!! I wish I could do somehting amazing like this!!
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SpyroOandOcynder's avatar
Painting on feather, thats pretty cool
Cyssa-2209's avatar
It's so amazing *-*
Nicely-Dun's avatar
YakuzaKuroi's avatar
This is.. Wow.. It's really amazing *-*
believe-you-can's avatar
This is so fantastic! I can't wait to try it out! Excellent work, by the way.
dittin03's avatar
Awesome! I'd love to see your painting if you end up making one!
believe-you-can's avatar
I made one, but mine's not very good since I'm REALLY new at this! XD
Verstovia's avatar
Very nice!
You know, I think that some kind of gloss could help the feathers join together and reinforce them to make it an easier surface to paint on. I use polyurethane; a couple coats.
dittin03's avatar
Hmm, that is a good idea! I'll have to check it out!
knightriding's avatar
this is amazing!
Wolf-Dreams's avatar
I am SO doing that this weekend :D I've always wanted to do something like this, but I never actually went to get supplies and stuff. Thanks so much! I can now paint feathers XD
dittin03's avatar
Awesome! How did it go? Did you get the chance to try feather painting?
Wolf-Dreams's avatar
Oh, I only have the background XD I got all busy going to stores to buy supplies for band camp (which started today ^^) But yeah, it's going well! I can't wait to finish it!
dittin03's avatar
Well it sounds like you got a good start on it anyways! :D Please let me know when it's done! I'd love to see how it turned out!
Wolf-Dreams's avatar
Aw, I wish I could show you, but my mom jammed the camera back in December XD I can't upload any traditional work to the site.
dittin03's avatar
Aw, well hopefully someday! :)
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