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Master of Ice

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Whether they're supposed to be called 'Masters' or not, I'm personally still going to call them Toa.
I admit, the new armor is pretty awesome looking, a bit of gold never hurt anyone.
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4505RedMikadoStudent Artist
Kopaka: I didn't slip.
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Kopaka's the best, forget the rest! He is the coolest! (Maybe not newest)
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Toa is Maori for "Master". (and Warrior, depending on context)

From Wikipedia: "Māori language controversy

In 2002, several Maori tribal groups from New Zealand were angered by Lego's lack of respect for some of their words which were used to name certain characters, locations and objects in the Bionicle storyline. A letter of complaint was written, and the company agreed to change the names of certain story elements (e.g. the villagers originally known as "Tohunga" was changed to "Matoran") and met with an agreement with the Māori people to still use a small minority of their words.

In the story, the reason for certain name changes was dubbed as a Naming Ceremony for certain Matoran after doing heroic deeds (though the pronunciations remained the same), an example being the name change of 'Huki' to 'Hewkii'. Other names such as "Toa" meaning "Warrior", "Kanohi" meaning "Face" and "Kōpaka" meaning "Ice" were not changed."

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Maybe I should have updated the Desc. to mention that I've since been enlightened about this a number of times..

But this is by far the most in depth retort I've gotten to date - not very often people go about siting sources though.
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Looks cool kopaka's my third fav
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MonsterGaga1054Student Digital Artist
i think, he looks really cool ;) 
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nerd-with-a-pencilHobbyist Traditional Artist
Apparently, they are Toa until they get their golden masks and become Masters.
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RyokuzoHobbyist General Artist
Dude my mind was blown when I say these in stores because I have all 7 of the original tow I thought bionicle was done for when hero factory came along but now they brung back bionicle and I'm happy
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Same here :)
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WhiteWingedValkyrieHobbyist General Artist
You know you grew up with BIONICLE when you can read matoran without even trying.
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In the character pages on the lego website it does refer to Kopaka as a toa
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Ooh, that's excellent then
Indeed it is
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Glad you like it!
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BurgrungySaphHobbyist General Artist

Love it! :D

Kopaka looks like he's ready to kick enemies' butts! :D
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BurgrungySaphHobbyist General Artist
Your welcome! :D
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Awesome! :D Here's hoping Zaktan returns in Nu-Bio as well. =P
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Oooh, that'd be awesome to see!
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KZN02Hobbyist General Artist
I think silver would have blended better, but I can live with gold.
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PancakeShinersHobbyist General Artist
Personally I'm still waaay behind in the Bionicle story, so I may ignore this for a while... haha

But I certainly look forward to Bionicle being back.  ;w;  I just hope they bring back Takanuva/Takua too... he was my favorite >w<
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