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An Intriguing Foreign Contraption

Forgot to upload this the other day so I freaked out a bit when I came back and saw it wasn't up still.

Either way, though - here's the long awaited illustration for :iconsaronicle: 's latest chapter.
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zielinskijoseph's avatar

LOL, looks like a toaster.

Songbreeze741's avatar

"You put bread in and toast comes out."

"Where does the bread go?"

"Only the Great Spirits know."

lizcoe97's avatar

For those who can't tell which Toa is which:

Brown = Pohatu

Red = Tahu

Green = Lewa

White = Kopaka

Blue = Gali

Black = Onua

TheCartridgeTilter's avatar
Ok, I freaking love this XD
OldandNewShowsForevs's avatar
Draw the squad like...
FunnyNatsu's avatar
You know what they say. "All toasters toast toast."Lol - Natsu Fairy Tail 
BionicleRules's avatar
Lol the toa found a TOA-ster XD.... i will be leaving now and kick myself out of the door....
scourge137's avatar
i see what u did
BionicleRules's avatar
Yeah... nice pfp btw
BionicleRules's avatar
The joke oe me leaving?
TheRollingWestern's avatar
BionicleRules's avatar
timecats's avatar
I imagine then meeting a organic cat next and hearing it purr and everything, well then again it will either be thinking it is laughing or that it's going to explode.
battlecruiser006's avatar
Next up the Most Useless Machine.
00RockerOn's avatar
What is this strange foreign object? Makes 't-oh-st' you say? Is that a type of mask? Or is it a form of disk-launcher?
Ryanonicle's avatar
Lol! All we need is the CDI Mario and this should be complete! XDXDXD
calcific's avatar
alright, you got me. fav'd.
warahi's avatar
All toasters toast toast.
Disturbulator's avatar
You know what they say
Shade2800's avatar
"All toasters toast toast!"

Still one the dumbest quotes I've ever heard....
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