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Siphon book cover by sandara Siphon book cover :iconsandara:sandara 3,004 82 neo80s Biker by LukeViljoen neo80s Biker :iconlukeviljoen:LukeViljoen 21 3 Characters golden fish by Doolaeh Characters golden fish :icondoolaeh:Doolaeh 1 0 The Witchwood Treasure by liuhao726 The Witchwood Treasure :iconliuhao726:liuhao726 137 1 Evil Castle by elshazam Evil Castle :iconelshazam:elshazam 151 10 .Lovecraft 123rd. by MalakiaLaGatta .Lovecraft 123rd. :iconmalakialagatta:MalakiaLaGatta 124 24 The Rose by Winterkeep The Rose :iconwinterkeep:Winterkeep 16 2 Titanius Fuzzwuzzlewing, Frolicksome Dracofeline by SteveArgyle Titanius Fuzzwuzzlewing, Frolicksome Dracofeline :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 316 18 Deacons of the Deep by Riskikoi Deacons of the Deep :iconriskikoi:Riskikoi 717 20 Look at my eyes by Kay-Ra Look at my eyes :iconkay-ra:Kay-Ra 7,421 205 Old Tree Wallpaper by Deligaris Old Tree Wallpaper :icondeligaris:Deligaris 4,290 229 Blue Dragon v2 by sandara Blue Dragon v2 :iconsandara:sandara 14,411 387 Cat Token by SteveArgyle Cat Token :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 434 30 RIPPLE OF JANAI'NGO by AlMaNeGrA RIPPLE OF JANAI'NGO :iconalmanegra:AlMaNeGrA 275 8 Undead Dragon by kerembeyit Undead Dragon :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 2,442 40 Desert Landscape by Azot2018 Desert Landscape :iconazot2018:Azot2018 599 19


I need a professional and hard-working artist to copy this style for the expansion to my Cake Project.………

Age 18+ artists only. Looking for someone to add extra cakes and more ingredients to the project.

I won't put too many details here, but please ONLY GET IN TOUCH if you can replicate this style or a very close approximation of it.



I’m looking for an artist to design and create a 3d design that we can send to our mould-maker to create a rigid 3d mould to create the start of our chocolate range.

The design will be about 4 to 6 inches long, three inches wide, and around an inch deep. The exact specifications are in the brief, but it will require a complete understanding of 3d modelling as the interior compartment will have to be very specific to hold the fondant contents.

I’d like someone who has experience in this field as we have a list of requirements and the mould obviously can’t be too complex, but needs exactly the right level of detail.

Full brief is available, but right now, we need an artist who can design a fully 3d on three sides (with flat back) sculpt of our monster.

If you are interested or if you have ANY questions, drop me a line.


District 31

I’m looking for four to six easy-going artists to illustrate the creatures and settings from our book of vampires (a bestseller back in 2000). I’m looking for a team of artists to illustrate the full colour high detail illustrations in this book. Each artist will be given around 20 illustrations but it entirely depends on your price and skill level (and even more importantly, how easy you are to work with).


Looking for artists to create dark fantasy vampires in glorious colour. Lots of vivid use of colour for monsters that are very high fantasy, but are condemned to the shadows. This is a book of corruption, of blood magic, and of monsters.

Pretty clear, right?

Most pages have a monster on them so the art needs be things like shadow vampires – check out the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual for the kind of art styles we can accept.…


  • Floating images (ones with only a touch of background)
  • Full art images (in boxes)
  • Full page art
  • Locations and scenery
  • Magical Items


I absolutely expect artists to stick to their deadlines and to deliver what they promise. I’m being a lot stricter now that eyes are on our products and there’s an awful lot of people out there who don’t have the right kind of work ethic. I’m super easy to work with (can easily give references from people in the art industry right now) – looking for people who really do want to create something monstrous and have some pride in their work. If this isn’t you and you’re just looking for another job, then please pass up on this job offer.

Start Date:
March 2017.

Completion Date:  End July 2017 (tentative – there may be an extension).


  • Send me a LINK to your online portfolio. Do not send any attachments.
  • Please email me at "hello @" (it's so much easier as I'm going to ask you to email me anyway so I can put you in the YES list) :)
  • Over 18s ONLY. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Please include the word “Vampire” in the subject line.
  • Please give me a price quote for one single illustration and please send me a link to a sample image at that price level.
  • I’m looking for monstrous creatures. Your portfolio MUST match that request and in this case, I’m looking for something dark but fantastical.
  • No attachments (I will simply delete any emails with attachments without reading them – so if you’ve applied in the past and have sent attachments, your emails haven’t been read).

This is one of those jobs that I am taking incredibly seriously. I’m happy to discuss with ANY artist their application.

You can send any questions you have via Facebook to me, but please don’t email me any attachments! I'll try to check this regularly, BUT if you want to speak to me, Facebook is your best port of call (or email me). PLEASE DON'T USE THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE A QUESTION.

Good luck


Hi everyone.

I'm looking for something a bit different and possibly quite exciting. It's also a fantastic way to see how an artist works to look for a more long-term relationship in future (double win for both parties). I have a LOT of work in 2018 and 2019 and finding reliable and artists who want to create something exciting is proving hard work. So this is a fantastic opener for everyone (even if it is only a small job).

I'm doing one final expansion for Ember the card game and this time, I'm looking for a completely different take on the creatures in Ember. While the brief is the same, I'm looking for 25 completely different artists to do 25 completely different interpretations of creatures in this world of magical fire monsters.

This is your chance to reinterpret the creatures of Ember. The brief is simple, looking at what has been done before (see links) create one of the creatures below as a magical creature conjured out of fire (the wizards sit around a campfire trying to conjure the most powerful and beautiful magical creatures of legend).

You can interpret these creatures in your own style, but we're looking for:

* Flaming / creatures on fire.
* Creatures that glow (not necessarily made of fire).
* Creatures with stylized fire.
* Luminous creatures of light.

The only real requirement is that each creature must be supremely beautiful and really colourful. For instance, the CandyCorn here isn't nearly as glorious and Halloweeny as I would like it to be, but it's very clearly made out of fire!


Check out some of the Ember creatures in the game. You can see a TONNE of cards on our previous Kickstarter page:…

And here's some creatures made by other artists...…

I'm looking for gorgeous colours, unusual eyes, really cool colour combinations, and just a different take on the Ember universe. 

The list of creatures is: 
Fire Owl
Jack O Lantern
Spooky Fish    
Gloom Wraith
Rainbow Serpent
Grim Reaper
White Hart
Elemental (all four elements)
Ginger Bear
Arch Demon
Mother Earth
Baba Yaga
Blood Wisp
Blood Wraith
Blood Fox
Blood Elemental
Blood Demon
Dark Phoenix
Dark Ember Shard

If you are interested, send me over a link to your portfolio with any thoughts on your chosen creature. I'm going to choose artists on a first come basis and I may choose the same artist for multiple pieces (as there are around 40 actual pieces to create).


Note: No artist should be spending more than three hours on each piece, I'm looking for some really cool art but obviously quite simple styles that are more about colour than anything else.

If you have ANY questions, drop me a line. 

I'm honestly very excited to see what you come up with :)


Looking for a competent graphic designer to create some icons for our upcoming games. It's been incredibly hard to find someone with skills in creating icons for a physical product / card game.

There are three games we need icons for, and the main icon is a golden coin for our upcoming game, Cake Off.

And then we need about 40 icons for our game Eldritch, which is a lovecraftian game of horror - so the icons need to be themed appropriately. 

And then we need some elemental icons with numbers for an upcoming magical elemental game.

We need someone who can design very clear icons that are visible from 3 feet away along with a strong understanding of style and colour. 

Immediate start. 

Send me a message and I'll try and reply to everyone who has the kind of art work I'm looking for.

We have a LOT of work for a dedicated graphic designer, but I really do NEED TO SEE examples of your specific icon work before we can move forward.


EDIT: I really need to express that it's impossible for any art director to move forward with an artist who says "I can do anything" but has literally NO graphic design samples in their portfolio. Yet this has happened with all but 2 of the applications I've had on here (and I've had quite a few in the last 24 hours). Really, it's just a huge waste of both our time and it's just damaging your chances of working with me in future (and I have a LOT of work for 2018 - a LOT). You need to only apply for this position if you have specific graphic design examples. I'm sure you understand why. Thanks for reading.
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