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5/1/08 – The beach is flat and sandy; normal.  Broken shells lie half buried in pale gold, flat white and voiceless.  And there are three children sprawled on the sand.  Asleep or dead, it’s all the same to them.  Their curved eyelids stare blankly, secretive in their masking of the eyes beneath.  They reveal nothing, give nothing; they take their duty seriously—but it matters not.  The only ones to take the notice, the children, are not present at the moment; who knows when they will return?  Perhaps they were swept out with the tide, and perhaps they won’t come back.  Perhaps they went with the voices of the shells—out to sea, out and out into the seemingly endless, incomprehensible vastness.  Perhaps they wanted to touch the sun as it lowered itself carefully onto the glassy surface of the water.  Perhaps they were not afraid of being burned or blinded. &
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attempting flight, icarus
To attempt flight—
forbidden; think Icarus.
His father flew, yes,
but low; it was hardly
flight at all
Icarus—he flew.
He died.
To attempt flight—
forbidden; not ever
But aren’t rules made
to be broken?
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'where does the tiger sleep
4/21/08 –
The tiger stalks, homeless and alone.
Children sing the praise of the golden lion, a flesh-and-blood sun.  They are happy he has come to the jungle, and they wonder—will his pride and his lionesses come with him?
The tiger paces, homeless and alone.  She has no jungle to return to, no place to hide her stripes.  Her orange is beautiful like the setting sun, but not sun in full glory.  She is the death and the birth of day—she cannot stand noon.
The lion is noon.  The lion flashes brilliant.
Children love the sun, but they love what is direct, simple.  So they love the lion and welcome him, because the tiger has bands of black as well.  Black like night, like deception.
The tiger walks, homeless and alone.
Dusk falls.  Here is night.  Where does the panther sleep?
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for want of sleep
4/19/08 – I am a teen.  I am insecure, confident, confused, decided, grown-up, childish, serious, and silly but most of all, I am conflicted.  I am responsible—stop treating me like a child!  Why do you expect so much of me?  Leave me be.  I’m fine on my own.  Why do you always ignore me?  I speak in jolts and fragments, unable to integrate proper grammar into my daily life.  I turn one way, then another—which way is right?  Who should I be?  Who am I?  I think I know—no, I don’t.  Pay attention to me!  But don’t stifle me.  Stop.  That’s the line right there—don’t cross it, but stay close.  One hundred miles to zero in five minutes flat—that’s me.  I’m special; unique.  Why am I always on the outs?  Why don't people l
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A Letter
4/5/08 – I’m losing you.  I can feel it.  We’re drifting apart, like California drifts away from the rest of the USA.  Perhaps not that slowly.
Ironic—it’s also literally true for us, since one of us is in California and one of us isn’t.
But everything is meant to go away eventually.  Things come and go, live and pass.  Nothing lasts forever, but I thought this would last longer.  I know that we aren’t suited for each other so there’s no hope of us getting “together”; we’re too far apart anyway.  I can’t help but entertain idle fantasies anyway…  And I like you just as a friend.  I like you a lot.  You’re new and unusual and you seem so… decided.  You know everything you need to and you have developed interests that you know about too.  There’s a lot to admire about you.
I miss you. &
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smoke lives free by DistantWings smoke lives free :icondistantwings:DistantWings 4 14
The 'After'
Here: I’m here.  Just here; not sitting or standing or anything in between.  I’m restless.  It’s four o’clock in the morning, but I can’t say I’m tired.  I want out—in more than one way.  When I close my eyes and turn my face towards myself, I see black in my veins, like anger, like frustration but worse.  Black swallows all; any painter can tell you that.  I breathe out a fog of darkness and watch it coalesce before me.  If I imagine myself squinting a little, I can make out a nose, eyes, hair, and a familiarly condescending, shifty grin—someone I recognize, but someone I don’t want to recognize.
For a while, I simply stare without words—and I think, because I can’t help but remember.  I pace.  I turn and walk slowly away—then quickly.  Finally, I whirl with mouth gaping.  Thoughts st
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3/29/08 – Breathe.  It’s been fourteen years since you were born now.  Do you feel fourteen?  Do you feel old?  This is the fourteenth year of your breaths.  Feel your lungs expand, press against your ribcage like your heart does sometimes.  You, my dear friend, are alive.
Is this familiar to you?  You’ve done it for a long time now—but time is relative.  Perhaps you haven’t done it for quite so long, and perhaps you’ve stopped yourself from doing it sometimes.  Who knows why—is it the tunnel superstition?  Are you holding your breath until the end because maybe, just maybe if you succeed, your wish will be granted?  What is your wish?
Should I bake you a cake?  You didn’t have any today…  Fourteen candles, exactly fourteen.  Not one more, not one less; no extra one for luck or anything like that.
:icondistantwings:DistantWings 2 21
Don't by DistantWings Don't :icondistantwings:DistantWings 1 5 shakity-shakity-shake by DistantWings shakity-shakity-shake :icondistantwings:DistantWings 0 2
have faith
Oh, my dear, my dear, when the world screws you over—I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.  Oh, my dear, my dear, please don’t be angry or sad; I know you deserve so much better, so much more.  I wish I could give it to you.  I do, I do.  Pain shared is pain halved, right?  I wish I could say it was true, but I don’t know.  I’m sorry, so sorry.  Don’t cry, please.  Or no—go ahead and cry, if it makes you feel better.  Go ahead—if crying comforts you, it’s more than anything I could do, I know.  When the world doesn’t seem to care anymore, when the world is cold and unfeeling, when the world kicks you to one side like an unwanted stray, I wish I could do more for you.  I wish, yes, I do.  Oh, my dear, my dear, why is life so cruel to us?  We’re only people, only mortals.  Why?
And I stand here, and I ca
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Not a Goodbye v2
To go or remain—
Your choice to make now, not mine,
The door stands open.
:icondistantwings:DistantWings 1 9
to stand, to grow
He’s like a little boy, with scared dark eyes, so out of place in a grown man’s face.  Unable to meet anyone’s gaze, licking his lips, dry with shyness, his soft-raspy voice lonely.  His strange name hanging around him like a too-heavy cloak, shoulders bowed under the weight of remembered taunts; who was his mother?  Who sheltered him, loved him, comforted him when he was little, vulnerable?  Straight razorblade nose, dark storm-cloud eyebrows, serious shadowed eyes—who gave him these?  Earth tones to wear as a color palette, but none of the solidity of earth, just—fragility.  A fawn, maybe, lying unprotected and long-legged in the brush.  Yes, but where is his mother now?  Where is the doe that guards her fawn?  Surely there is someone to shelter him, love him, comfort him even though he is older, stronger now.  Someone who touches his hand gently when he is hun
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we're.still.standing by DistantWings we're.still.standing :icondistantwings:DistantWings 2 2 by DistantWings :icondistantwings:DistantWings 1 0 by DistantWings :icondistantwings:DistantWings 1 24


::Cuddle:: by Memorialfire ::Cuddle:: :iconmemorialfire:Memorialfire 669 123
Astronomy in Stream
We are astronomers believing that the world begins precisely when we say it does;
presumptuous and haughty, with a certain air of dangerous.
(assuming that the danger is a file needing cabinet space)
We spend our time on earth with all our senses feeling for a trace
of something that is alien without a single speck of life.
(and wonder, wish, and speculate about a motion besting light)
We turn our searching eyes from everything that they have ever known
pretending somewhere in the stars there lies for us a second home.
We have our formulas, our lines, and our coordinated effort log;
our records of mistakes and errors piling upwards into fog.
But what if we were living blind, impeded by coordinates?
Could we admit an error from when first we set the world in place?
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 2 3
Fear Explained
I always wear an undershirt to keep the world that much more at bay.
An extra layer stalling incoming attempts to relate.
I watch another set of eyes and read the thoughts they portray.
I wear a sweater for protection when we have our first date.
Now the fabric is immovable, the thread is ingrained.
I find myself in heated situations running for shade.
I always wear an undershirt, and now that shirt has been stained.
Somehow through clothing so thick, you managed to invade.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 4 2
My name is
I am an artist
Of minds
Of hearts
Of souls
I am a sculptor
Of words
And dreams
And goals
I am a painter
Of colors,
And light
I am a seeker
Of darkness,
And night
I am a poet
Of sonnets,
And words
I cause the flight
Of hearts
And dance
And birds
I am the death
Of voids
Of loneliness
Of strife
But I am the birth
Of completeness,
True bliss,
And life
...And my name is:  L.O.V.E.
:iconlostaria108:LostAria108 2 12
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