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On The Highway

Just for fun, I hope you like it :)
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On the highway to the danger zone~
I have the need...
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As a former Avionics Tech in the Navy, I had the privilege to work on these marvels. I will forever love the F14. Any Time Baby!!
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Tomcat ( beautiful plane )
warrior1944's avatar
The awesome F-14 :D
mildirk's avatar
Reminds me of this video.
Distantstarr's avatar
you are right, I have seen that before some years ago :)
WystenDraco's avatar
Cool, nice sonic boom imagery in the background. I just bought Top Gun on Blue Ray myself.
Distantstarr's avatar
Thanks, I watched top gun many times. I heard they are making a new popgun movie, this time featuring F-35.
WhiteBlazingPhoenix's avatar
Highway to the danger zone!
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Tailgater, 12 o'clock! Let's go, FOX TWO!!!
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The F-14 doesn't have hardpoints on the wings. All the stores are carried under the fuselage.
Siiver7's avatar
it'd be fun if it did... ;)
Anzac-A1's avatar
It doesn't because then they'd need a system to swivel the hardpoints as the wings are swept. Adds weight, drag and added complexity.
Siiver7's avatar
no they don't ;)
Distantstarr's avatar
are you sure? I suggest you goole some photos ;)
Anzac-A1's avatar
Yeah. It has 10 hardpoints; 6 x under-fuselage, 2 x nacelle & 2 x wing gloves. The wings themselves don't have hardpoints on them. In the picture, the wing glove hardpoints are shown too far out.
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