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Hello, hello!

It’s been a while, but here is some information on Cycle 6!

We have decided to go back to the tournament format, but it will be a little different than it was in the previous cycles. Rather than one deadline per round, we have decided on three deadlines: a sketch deadline, a line art deadline, and the finished product deadline. (If you don’t use line art we’ll think of something else where you have to be, no worries!) This is not only so you can use the time given more efficiently, but also so that we can tackle possible problems that occur during the sketching / composition phase! Our comments on the sketches will be brief, but we feel like it could help you. If you miss one of the deadlines, though, you are out of the competition.

Applications will start at the end of this month (basically when I have the application form ready) and will last until the end of next month, so if you are interested in joining, start thinking about which characters you’d like to apply as! There are no boss characters at the moment, so you can pick anyone you want!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Have a beautiful day!
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cece-pha Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apart from the problems that had been mentioned so far, I was wondering whether the judges will be able to find the time to judge each milestone of the drawing without delaying the whole process? Considering that you'd have to give feedback each time for every participant, regardless of the length/ how much into detail you go, it's still work to analyze the drawing and give feedback... on a regular basis. I'm the kind of artist, who would usually wait for the feedback before continuing (when offered feedback) which means that I won't continue for days if I don't get any words. But if the judges are able to do so, I don't think the multiple deadlines are that much of a problem. I know enough people, who only work once they feel some kind of pressure. Deadlines are not only good tools for that but also do remind the participants of finishing their entries. On the other hand "make it so that missing the 'sketch-, line-art deadline' won't disqualify you from the contest, you will only miss out on the extra feedback. " is a really good compromise for those, who can't deal well with pressure/ deadlines. 

P.S.: Just my thoughts on the latter, but I think 'only missing out on the extra feedback' is kind of... too lax, haha. I'm afraid ppl will be like 'Oh if it's only the feedback that I miss, I'll keep taking my time to finish' and end up forgetting or not able to finish it anyway. Maybe rather doing something like.. Miss 2 of 3 deadlines and you'll be disqualified? That way ppl could choose whether to miss out the sketching deadline but then work on sketch and lineart in one go for the line art deadline or they sketch first but finish it in one go for the final deadline. That would enable the participants some free space for the creation process.

P.P.S.: I'm not sure if my choice of words were uncalled or offending, but if so I want to apologize. I don't mean to judge anyone, but it's rather about some flaws I have noticed on others & myself and how I usually try to deal with them.
KaigaraProjects Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Thanks for your feedback! I am assuming only a few people will enter, so giving feedback shouldn't take more than a day or two. I also know at least one person won't want the feedback, so we can establish who actually wants feedback and who doesn't and prioritise those who do :)

I also know from my time as a participant that I forgot deadlines and that I'd end up not being able to finish because I found out the day before or something. I always put it off, even though I know that pieces like these (can) take weeks. You need to thumbnail / plan your drawing, sketch it properly, lineart (if you do that) and then work everything out. You can't pull off a good result in three days, in my opinion, and I feel like that is exactly what people are trying to do. It adds to stress and that is not what this group is about. Of course I understand the people who think more deadlines will add to pressure, but they are actually there to relieve some of that last minute stress. But anyway, the point of this was to say I am happy you understand why the multiple deadlines were chosen QvQ (I digressed a little, sorry. Feel free to TL;DR xD) And I really like the 2/3 deadline thing, so I might use that!

And, as far as I'm concerned, your choice of words was just fine. I doubt anyone will be offended :'D
Pii-star Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Well, that's some solid feedback Hikari89 and SagartheRebel.  I can understand where you come from, since I'm also the type of artist that struggles with deadlines. However, I also feel that following schedules and deadlines is something important and while it might be really stressful, it's something you can improve for yourself and will definitely benefit you for doing so. 

Tournaments should indeed be fun and our goal should be to attract more contestants, right? So if this keeps people from entering, I would like to try and make it more appealing.
We could add the several deadlines for the different stages as optional for the people who want extra feedback during the creation process. 
Or make it so that missing the 'sketch-, line-art deadline' won't disqualify you from the contest, you will only miss out on the extra feedback. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Other suggestions are also very welcome. ^>^
Hikari89 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
As a person who has watched this competition for a few cycles now, I'm not sure that more deadlines are the best option. People have enough trouble meeting one deadline, let alone three, and the creative process goes at different speeds for different people. Some need the extra time, others have a flash of inspiration and complete their works start to finish in a comparatively short burst. 
You are the creators of this contest, so at the end of the day it's your call, but the cycles of this contest that had the most interest and best turnout seemed to be the ones with the simplest rule set up. Pick a character, get matched against another character, draw them fighting in a certain setting, and have it done by a certain day. 
People likely won't want to join a just-for-fun competition if they need to download a calendar app to keep track of all of their obligations to it. 
KaigaraProjects Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
I understand your concerns, but I figured most people join for the feedback-aspect of this group in which case more deadlines is definitely a better thing because it allows for more feedback. I also know that the creative process goes at different speeds for different people and no one is stopping anyone from completing their entries earlier than the deadline. However, people tend to forget these deadlines anyway and end up doodling something on the last day or not at all because they were "busy" or "fell ill" towards the end and come up with excuses that generally have very little to do with their creative process. (Whether these excuses are justified or not, I won't judge.) With multiple deadlines their workload is spread out and those who want to finish in a short burst, can. They don't have to wait for the final deadline. But, as Esther said, we could make the deadlines optional, though I don't see how that will result in more people submitting (on time). However, I have never been someone to ignore someone's troubles with a deadline (as I am sure you have noticed throughout the cycles), so there is always a solution no matter what we decide in the end.

(Also if you need to download a calendar app for bi-weekly deadlines (while being reminded through journals weekly), I am not sure whether you should join this tournament because that means you are too busy as it is. People need to evaluate themselves whether they have the time to do this and, if they don't, they really shouldn't enter because - bluntly put - they will be wasting both our time.)
SagartheRebel Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Student General Artist
To be honest I agree with this. Normally I'm quite busy as it is, especially with uni work, and having to worry about multiple deadlines would only add to the stress, and sometimes I have days where I just don't feel like drawing at all. I like that you are going back to the tournament format, as Hikari has said, it's a simpler format and I believe would work better in future cycles. With that being said, I am already looking forward to the next cycle :)
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