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Hello everyone!

I hope you're all finishing up your entries for cycle four!

Of course we have been busy for the next cycle as well. One of the things that came up was our folder section. xDrifterr and I have concluded it's a bit of a mess. The reason for this is that we no longer have the ability to put folders into folders. So, we want to make Dissidia Aces into a super group! To do this we need 4,796 - 9,600 points (dA said the first amount was a limited time offer and I have no idea until when that is...) and we need your help to get those! If you have any points to spare, please donate on my (KaigaraProjects) front page! And please spread the word if you can.

If we don't get the amount we need by the end of this year, you will get your points back!

Good luck with finishing your entries if you haven't already and I hope you have a lovely day.
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Submitted on
October 9, 2014