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This cycle is obviously cancelled. Go to Discord if you still want to join!
Dissidia Aces Cycle 8 Application Form by KaigaraProjects

Eight more days until the deadline!

Application from June 23 to July 8
Apply for three characters. There are no restrictions, only that they are canon characters from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts (excluding the Disney characters) and no self-named characters—the same as always. You will get assigned one character with which you will ‘play’ this entire cycle.

How does it work?
After you have been assigned a character, you can join in any round – except consecutive rounds of the mini-tournaments if you were defeated or did not qualify – you like. So if you don’t have the time to join one, you can still join another round! The cycle runs for a year, so it should have something for everyone who wants to join!

More information about the actual rounds will be provided as we progress, but not all of them are tournament format!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Join Discord for quicker replies and more interaction~ It also gets updates quicker since it's easier for us to type quick messages there!
Dearest members,

Since this happened again...
Can you please not abuse the permissions of the gallery folders to add in some of your work even though you know it does not belong there? You know who you are. We like to keep everything as quick for the participants as possible (so they don't have to wait for us to accept their work), but if others will start submitting their non0related photos and drawings because they can it means we will have to once again make everything subject to vote. Remember that Dissidia Aces is not to show off the drawing you made of that one character you like; there are other groups for that. Please respect that this is solely for the tournament.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that there will be a Cycle 8 and we have big(ish) news! We are now on Discord! I can imagine this is cause for a couple of questions, so I will answer them below! (If you have any more, just ask them! I'll add them to this journal as well.) Read on for the information you will need about Discord and the next cycle!

Now what does us having a Discord server mean for you?
Us having a Discord server means you can better coordinate your pieces with your opponent if you want, but it also means you can ask us questions quicker! Drifter and I will be online as much as possible and whenever someone posts something we'll get a pop-up, so we will see your messages sooner. You can also share your works in progress and ask feedback from your peers.

Do you need to have Discord to join this cycle?
No, you do not. It will remain on here as well. However, we still advise you to join if you do have Discord account so you get all the added benefits!

There are several tournaments; do I apply for just one?
No! You apply for the entire cycle and choose which assignments you do. The summer and winter tournaments are similar to the old format and you will have to join its first round to go through, but the autumn and spring tournament are separate "assignments" which you can simply join if you want as long as you applied for the cycle.

This brings us to the Cycle format. As you can see, it is different this time around. We know people are busy with school and work and other things and the tournament format no longer works for all. This is why we split it up in seasons. We'll have two lightning-round tournaments (meaning you have little time for your piece but you can also use cleaned up sketches for these tournaments; as long as we can see what is happening) and four free-for-all participants assignments. We hope that by using this format more people will be able to join and enjoy themselves!


Hopefully we'll have an application form ready this week or the next.

Have a lovely day and don't forget to join the server if you can!
Hello everyone!

Cycle 7 is now over! This means we have a winner~ I also have something about the next cycle and whether it will take place or not, but head over to the Cycle 8 section for that :)

Cycle 7
Though I won't have time to get together with others so we can give our scores for a while, we still know the winners since the two entries were both from different brackets :D Congratulations to icecheetah for getting first place and to lemfern for getting third place! If you want feedback like the previous time, please leave a message and I'll try to arrange a feedback session asap :)

First place:

Mature Content

Dissidia Aces Cycle 07 Round 3 (eye damage warning by icecheetah

Third place:
Dissidia Aces End by lemfern

Thanks to everyone who participated this cycle!

Cycle 8
Now on to the question of whether there will be an eight cycle since I know some of you have been waiting for a new cycle. To be honest, I am personally not sure whether this format still works. I am busy as well, so I completely understand people are not always able to draw something before the deadlines. This is why I was thinking of switching things up if we do another cycle. This would mean having multiple lightning rounds (and perhaps a mini-tournament in summer) or at least something that you can just join whenever you have time as long as you entered at the beginning of the cycle. However, I do want to know if people are still interested in an eight cycle before I really start sorting things out, so leave a message if you are!

That's all for now.

Have a lovely day!

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