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The Thing

Watch the speedpaint here:…

Watch the longer video here:…

This one took about 5 hours.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom intuos4.
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horrifying :(

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Nice work dude looks like it came from dead space
trash-bandicoot87's avatar
Awesome. The thing is one of greatest
trash-bandicoot87's avatar
One of the greatest horror films ever made*
RodgerHodger's avatar

I"ve seen a lot of interpretations of what the "thing" would or could look like but this one certainly stands out.

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You should do the Leviathan monster from the 1989 movie? It's kind of a rip-off of The Thing and Alien but with aquatic elements. I guess I have a soft spot for it as I saw it before the others and only at age 10!

JonathanHunter94's avatar

The Thing + Lovecraft, AMAZING!

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Great job dude! I love it!
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Wow. Such great work. Love the thing movies and this is the best art work of the alien that I've seen.
Nemo-krad's avatar
Dude, you need to be hired to design stuff for monster movies XD
Disse86's avatar
That would be fun! :D Thanks!
Nemo-krad's avatar
Heh, it sure would be ^_^
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Holy shit, you did do some horror.
It's feeling like Christmas.
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*deep breath*

xVxcammyblossomxVx's avatar
I'm glad I didn't see the movie X'D
lonelyThought's avatar could be an illustrating of a card from magic: the gathering.
it looks rly good :D
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