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Everything has its Name
Ginger steps are placed under the weight of life,
One foot in front of the other make their way towards me, under the canopy.
She is a pale spring girl, sunlight filters through the over hanging leaves, and our surroundings are stained with a faded green.
"Everything has its time, and everything has its name."
I don't know what she means, but she speaks from demure lips, her sage advice spilling softly from her mouth, and she is sure of her message.
I find myself believing this girl knows the world.
The pattern of light surrounds us as lines cut between fractals of diamonds.
Her secret isn't so much hidden, but a mystery to me, and I marvel that I've never heard it before.
"Everything around you is breathing. The stars are shining with the same light inside of your eyes."
I'm frozen where I stand. I can't seem to move away from this light as air girl. She moves with all of the grace of one who learned to dance with the wind.
She reaches a hand up to my face, and her fingers are delicat
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Sad Eyes
Her eyes had more sadness than they had any right to.
She had just stopped being a little girl, but her pain and sadness and sorrow was a mercy beyond her years. Every blink was one step closer to when her eyes would finally close, and truly be at rest for the first time in her life.
She had gathered every heart ache, heart break from all around her. Picked the broken pieces off the ground, gently placed them across the in seams of her dress. There they were held, as she felt the weight of each shard, dragging her down futher. She was a savior and a saver. She never left any one part alone, curled up the lonely bits in the palm of her hand, and led them down the weary worn out road.
She had taken on the suffering of those around her, and they offered platitudes, but her eyes still waned by the end of the day.
She was calm resignation in the face of a world wasting away. She was soft. She was quiet, and nice hands, nice voice, nice words. She was a faded gray. Diminished tones that ever
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Memories of Yesterday
He looked at me like I was yesterday
His eyes were glassy in a moment of recognition of the memories he had stored away for a better time. When he saw me, it wasn't a good time for him to reminisce. I know what he saw in me.
Yester year of a faded photograph that the sun itself tried to destroy. The tint around the edges and the glare of bright lights that make you squint and think of heat, when you want anything but past warmth.
And I remember the day we parted, and I don't want to look at him either. I don't want to be reminded of the snapshot I have of him, same fade around the edges, but mine is crinckled from be folded up and shoved down my jeans pocket, in hopes that it would disappear. Or at least be ruined in the wash.
But our photographs are still there. Still visible, still untouched, and just as unforgettable as always.
We pass each other a moment on the street. We make eye contact, and we're both recalling our pictures. We make no move to reach out, no words leave our lips,
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The City
It's easy to get trapped in the lines.
Sirens blare, traffic weaves through the city streets
It's easy to say humanity is just a natural disaster.
Always out of time, but there is no end to the
travesty, cacophony, the press of people, over flowing off the edges,
too many and too much.
It's easy to get lost.
But just wait a moment.
Take a deep breath and look around the concrete forest,
jungle of wires and electricity.
Look for the stars shining out of people's homes, listen to the
sighs of the day and the songs of the night.
Notice the rhythm of life and its movement.
It's long work to just stand still.
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You Are More
When the water is so cold it stings your hands,
when lullabies are just soft words and overtones,
know that you don't have to try.
It is fine if all you did today
was exist.
When past scars drift to the
front of your mind,
know that you are more than your memories.
You are more than your words,
your mistakes, your successes,
your failures.
You are more than the hurt
you've suffered,
you are more than the pain
you've inflicted.
You are more than you could ever know.
And you're doing just fine.
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The cycle : 6 word story
She invests in liars and locksmiths.
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This i know
You said
you're not the best and i
know. There are too many
heart breaks and cracks in
the walls of your home
for you to have a
beautiful heart. This i
know, still you tell me so.
You say there are too many
buzzing bees and
insecticides pouring up
your head, so i help and
pour bleach in, if only to
give you peace. There are
too many angry fists
holed up inside yourself
for you to
ever be liked. Once again,
this i know, still you tell
me so.
You say that you
are too many tears piled
up and you are sinking
under all of their weight
and i know you have no
holes, so i make one, if
only to let the water out.
There are too many
bleeding wounds and
and cries inside of your
family name for you to
ever be safe.
This i know, still you tell
me so.
You say there are too many
crashes and sparks in the
walls of your heart
for you to ever love.
Once again, this I know,
still you tell me so.
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I was never taught how to love you by disruptedvice I was never taught how to love you :icondisruptedvice:disruptedvice 7 2
Good Morning Good Night
Now is the time for mourning.
At two in the morning,
waiting for the real morning,
when the sun comes up and shines morning.
So mourn now, from one morn' to the next.
Mornings make mournings.
Mourning is from morning.
Everyone mourns the night.
And everyone mourns the light.
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Mature content
Soap and Promises :icondisruptedvice:disruptedvice 0 0
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A)  Jonie is the chalk outline of a sneak peak. She
Is china doll’s bravery and lost control, double-spaced
Wings. Her haste is her favorite color.
She has never broken outward, only ever
Falling up.
B) Tyler is a wasted second of paramount rage.
Hand me down demons fill in the color
Between his lines. He suckles envelopes
And tapes them closed once the glue
Is gone.
C) Laura is love seats united. She has a
Sandpaper tongue that caresses the lonely
Spaces left by strangers. She never wears watches,
But there’s always been a sneaking sense that
She knows the time.
D) Riley is undone shoe laces on new year’s eve.
He is rain without storm, hyper tension only one the
Third of the month. His breathing is stained glass and he whispers
Like no one on earth. He says goodbye like he
Is the last one standing.
E) Naomi is no tears on a Sun
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Time Was
Time was mercy,
Time was old,
Time was never used to letting go.
Time was empty,
Time was gold,
Time was age beginning to show.
Time was lovely,
Time would scold,
Time was leaving long ago.
Time was lonely,
Time would hold,
Time was never going slow.
Time was ready,
Time was bold,
Time was growing good at hello.
Time was sleepy,
Time was cold,
Time was never used to letting go.
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She will walk away, only ever grace.
She was red in a second, and it is only right
that I will not get to see her bloom.
She will find a sun,
not me,
only ever having been her moon.
She is the stuff of legends, and
I have never kept her safe.
I cannot help her breathe.
One day,
she will be faced,
with the choice of having to leave.
She is sweet and fine, beautiful and
kind. I have not helped her grow.
I know,
When my rose decides to leave me,
I will let her go.
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Show Me Your Hands
Son, show me your hands"
I didn't want to show them. I knew that he would be able to see every evil thing I had ever done if I bared my palms. He would see scars in my character and scars on my heart presented under my fingernail beds.
The wrinkles, every indecent thought. He would be able to see that I am not his child, I am rotten to the core, and this he will be able to tell by looking at my hands. I am not wise, I am scared and fretful with dirt on every inch of skin. The cracks in my knuckles will tell him every time I lied, every curse, every time I failed him.
If I show him my hands, he will finally know. I am not the one he raised, the child he deserved. He will know that I've failed him. I've let him down in every case. I was never righteous and I am less than nothing. This is what will happen when I show him my hands.
He tries to pull my hands from behind my back, and I bite him.
He sits down.
He says "
Son, show me your hands"
I am now more afraid of being punished than di
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I could spend everynight thinking
"i don't love you but,
i still do."
I still spend everynight
brushing your name out
of my hair.
I can sense that there will
be teeth
pulling on still-good
viable flesh
and the teeth will eventually
and always
be yours.
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Kevlar Chest
She's got a kevlar chest
no, no, I promised her I wouldn't call her that
a trembling figure head
"Hey, don't be afraid.
I love you with all of my hands
I misinterpret her signals
"This is what I look like when I'm sad"
Hair that is intent on making me watch her.
She hums a trifle of a thought, and I sit
and look.
She is a transition,
sentences on and on, never still
"I'll die when I stop"
She wishes on the sun,
and I do, too
If only that'll make us closer
Laugh at me, her mouth alive
I want to finish her, because I never do
"Gravity will keep you to me"
I am a decaying defeat
I am an and.
Followed by an ending.
The world repairs
what she can not.
She can't bend to every path
that I dig out for her
"Your eyes are royalty, don't ever lose them"
She is a fragile
"Do grow, fully and complete."
She tells me.
It's the best good bye I've ever gotten.
She's got a kevlar chest.
"Hey, don't be afraid
I love you with all of my hands."
She told me
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Man, over half of my gallery was written in 2011.
I feel super unproductive. 
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