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Okay, so basically, I want the benefits of 'friend safari' on my Pokemanz X, but I don't know that many people with the game. :I So I'm going to post this in as many places as I believe people look in hopes of getting a few responses.

I have pokemon with PokeRUS thanks to an old friend, so if you want to trade once we get in touch, just ask. :) PokeRUS is a good step towards fast training of the perfect team.

Good luck out thar pokimanz fanz! <3

Raichu la plz
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Just sayin'.

Made this a while ago and decided I wanted to do something with it.  Random idea used: Bestiary of my monsters.  These are creatures that I used to actually believe in, elaborated on with all the blanks that I was too scared to think of filled in.

I take questions on anything and will respond to all unless I have good reason not to, in which case, I'll explain why I can't/wont.  This tumblr is based on my issues and life experiences.  My current disabilities are; Schizophrenia, depression, and paranoid personality (My doctors put the Schizophrenia and Depression together into one diagnosis with one word, but I really can't remember if it's Schizoaffective or Schizotypal. The names and definitions are wasted on me, 'cause I can never keep them straight.) I am willing to discuss or explain any of these and, where I can, I will answer questions about them.

So drop by and ask a question if you'd like. :) I'm going to update the Bestiary on Mondays and Fridays for sure, with maybe one or two in between if I get bored. :D
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And Lol...





Fun stuff...... ^^ Fun....Stuff...... <3
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I have a favorite pokemon. XD


:iconomgbulbasaurplz: :iconpikachutrollplz:

Okay maybe not.. XD But it's funny that I drew one by accident and then found one on dA. >.>

Found these:


Only searched the first 3 generation starters and meowth and pikachu.  Unfortunately, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Treeko are completely absent. But I did find this...>.>


It's an abomination. :3

Just looking through all this stuff 'cause it's funny as hell. <3
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I think I'll open commissions. :) But I'm not charging a lot, since I don't consider my work to be amazing or anything...

A random sketch/doodle of your character or if I'm given free reign over the image (Beyond character appearances)

Bust: $2
Full Body: $3
A bit of random color: $3.50
Sketchy background: $4

Digital art

Line-art Bust: $4
Line-art Full Body: $5
Add color: + $1
Add Cell Shading to the color: +$1

Scanned traditional

Line-art Bust: $3
Line-art Full Body: $4
Add colored pencil: +$1
Add gradient shading to colored pencil: +$1
Original Image snail-mailed to you: +Shipping


If you want multiple characters: +$1 for the first 2 additional characters after that, we'll see...
If you want a comic or the like made out of your characters, I will not charge per character, that'll just be an additional $2 as I have to draw each character multiple times.
Text on your picture is free. If you want your character saying something, but there's only really one picture involved, I will not charge extra. :)

Once you have the image, I don't really care what you do with it.. You can pay for lineart and color it or something, just give me credit where credit is due. Don't say it's yours alone if all you did was color it.. :) Thanks. <3

I reserve the right to turn you down if you want something that I don't feel comfortable drawing...I will try to draw any species/animal alive and anthro form if asked, and humans if you don't mind them being cartoony, but things like sexual situations are not my strong point and I will flat out refuse to do anything that puts me in the place of playing the 'jerk who agreed to draw that'..

Prices likely to change, but I won't change them in the middle of your deal and then make you pay the new price unless it's a discount.. :) I won't rip you off, I promise. <3

Thanks again for choosing to look at this. ^^ I hope you're satisfied if you do choose to ask for a picture, if you're not, I'll -consider- docking the price depending on the picture and how tough it was. :)

Of course, if you're considering me, I'd first like you to go look at ZenFetcher's commissions >>>…

He needs it much much more than I do and I'd like to give him support where I can. :) Good luck Zen! <3