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Troodontidae Aquus *insert species name here* by DisposableMutt Troodontidae Aquus *insert species name here* by DisposableMutt
May add a fin along the top of his head and ending just above the base of the neck, but I love how this little guy came out. :3

I wanted to try to make a dinosaur..Dunno why he has 6 legs, I just like it, don't judge. <3 I haven't decided if Aquus is genus or species name, but Troodontidae is the family he belongs in. :3 Love how his fins came out, but I may tweak here and there..

Mr. Aquus is an opportunistic eater; he'll eat any meat he can find, but can also eat certain kinds of plants (Though he prefers meat) He's not a pack hunter, but they do tend to travel in 'pods' of 3 or so, usually related in some way to each other. They do not mate for life, but will stay with their partner for a time, especially if they have young together that are still dependent.

They are about the size of a female sea lion, and rely on a mix of agility and pure speed to survive since they are relatively fragile. They live in salt water, and nest primarily in cliffsides and rocky beaches since their eggs match the stone easier than sand. The young don't usually stay in the pod once they are old enough to move on, but will usually form their own sibling pod. Pods are flexible and tend to meld together at times to make one giant group, but when they split, the siblings always end up back together in the smaller group.

The coloration is always a muddied, dark color, sometimes with markings ranged from white to black, but never eye-catching on the body. The fins, however, are always a vibrant color (never neutral) and the eyes usually match them, but have been known not to.

Any other info is undecided and I'm up to hearing suggestions. :3

PLEASE give me credit if you use one (I don't think it's likely they'll be used, but if you do use one, common courtesy is nice) you don't have to ask to make one, just say something about "DisposableMutt" creating the species :3 And I'd love to see it if someone draws one, so link me in a note or as a comment or something. ^^
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July 2, 2016
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