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The Capital

A " quick " piece i did strewn over the past three days
so have fun with that --- actually my first upload with photobashing technique..
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Amazing! I think an amazing capital like this needs a name for it, I mean it's really amazing!

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Thank you :) , well, how would you call it ?

I don't know, maybe griffin capital? I'm not good with coming up with names. What about you?

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Awesome art my friend
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This is incredible OMG 
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Well I'm not the first to do such a thing i would say.
That's inspiration :D
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I was thinking Mont St. Michel too XD.
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That's pretty amazing :D
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-looks at my own art work-

-looks back at this-


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haha nooo :D, quick is a pretty bendable word. It's not like i did this in 1 Hour :D
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Haha, well it's gorgeous no matter how long you took. 
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looks like how i imagined camelot in a book i wrote... only maybe a bit bigger
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This is incredible! Is it based on any lore in particular, or a capital straight out of your mind? *curious*
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This very cool
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amazing perspective and well done all around 
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Wow the detail is incredible!  I really love how the lighting is darker at the bottom and gets lighter towards the top, it really leads your eye nicely.
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This is incredible! How do you get everything so detailed and life like? I just love the lighting in this piece
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it is a bit.... EPIC!!!
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