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Yo hope things are ok with you and that you are having good days

Np and glad things are all good with you ^*

Best days of my life (outside of art and content creation). Lots of money, financial stability, and the friends & family are doing great. Thanks for asking! :)

You are awesome.

Just a warning. DA is apparently doing a bit of a purge on art and accounts. To keep your art safe, you might want to look into other sites so you aren't completely blindsided in the future if something happens.

I've heard about it. I don't think I'll be targeted, but if it happens then it happens. DA is a privately owned business, and it's in their terms of service that they can do whatever they want with this site, it's users and the user's art.

As far as other sites goes that won't be happening with me. This is the only place I'll post anything publicly so if DA decides to shut me down then that'll be it for me as an "artist". I barely make anything anymore so no big loss.

Very cool stuff!