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RAD-X Label from Fallout

RAD-X Label from Fallout 3

inspired by…

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Kentwothree's avatar
This is amazing! I used it to make a gift for a friend, Can I post the finished product on DA if I credit you? :)
great label just saw this one on e bay might be your work…
Samurai-Poet's avatar
What exactly are the dimensions of the label?

I'm planning a Fallout cosplay and I need props.
Could you make a clean version
Frederica-La-Noir's avatar
Wonderful label! Would it be ok for me to use this for my Rad-X prop to go with my vault cosplay? I will of course give credit to you for designing the label :)
Thank you guys for the information. I'll contact the seller.
I contacted Etsy regarding the other person's comment. The seller agreed to remove the item.
Knitsune's avatar
Just to let you know, this person is using your label, saying they designed it, and are selling products with it on Etsy:

holshire's avatar
200 capsules? how have I not O.D.'d by now?!?!
CanRay's avatar
Well, if Vault Boy approves, it's got to be safe, right?
Inenarrable's avatar
Oooh, good work :)
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